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Unexpectedly, his wife is a person who couldn’t be taken out to meet others at all.

She already offended others completely even before she finished saying a few words.

And she even thought that she had made great contributions.

That waist of hers is even quite straight.

Liu Zhihui couldn’t bear it anymore, he directly pulled his wife behind him, and apologized to Shen Liuchen again: “President, this time it’s indeed my wife and son’s fault.

I am busy with work every day, and I really don’t have time to take care of the two of them.

I will divorce this stinky woman right away.

President, can you give me another chance”

Shen Liuchen’s eyes were full of impatience.

If it wasn’t for Song Jinxi quietly shaking his hand and making a mouth shape of ‘let’s watch the play’ to him just now, he would have called the bodyguard to come and pull these two unsightly people away.

It’s just that Song Jinxi wanted to see the play, so he reluctantly endured it.

Before Liu Zhihui could finish speaking, his wife rolled up her sleeves and rushed up: “You bastard, I gave birth to a son for you, and you want to divorce me Don’t you even want your son anymore”

“Son again, son again.

Look at how your son is spoiled badly by you! I told you more than once that our family has money, so you can transform yourself, improve your internal and external appearance, and educate Little Gang well.

And what’s the result of your education You are like a shrew woman at home every day.

You never care about dressing yourself up.

Every time I take you out, I feel ashamed.

So is Little Gang.

You’ve completely ruined his character.”

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After Liu Zhihui finished speaking, he turned his head and said to Shen Liuchen: “President, to tell you the truth, I still have a son outside.

Even if I divorce her and lose this son, it doesn’t matter either.

I promise I won’t have any interaction at all with her after I divorce her.

This time she and her son bumped into Madam, so let them bear the consequences by themselves.

Can you please not be too hard on me this time and give me a chance again…”

“What are you talking about You heartless and unfaithful man!” The bear child’s mother rushed up directly to beat Liu Zhihui but Liu Zhihui pushed her back several steps, and then she finally fell to the ground.

In Song Jinxi’s eyes, it’s a bit like replaying a familiar past event.

It’s just that Shen Liuchen, the person who pushed her down yesterday, has been replaced by her husband today.

Song Jinxi felt that although she seemed… hateful, but she is also very pitiful.

Unexpectedly, just a small accident can lead to so many messy things.

Sure enough, every area in life is a stage.

What comes next is the affairs of a small household, which Song Jinxi also doesn’t like to listen to, so she tugged Shen Liuchen’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly and waved with the other hand.

The bodyguard who had walked quietly behind them stepped forward.

The bodyguard stopped the two people from having another chance to interfere with them, and Shen Liuchen was able to lead Song Jinxi away.

Only then did Song Jinxi know that when they went downstairs for a walk, the bodyguard also followed them, but she hadn’t noticed it all the time.

And now, the bodyguard comes in handy.

“That man is really bad.” She shook her head and sighed, “But that woman does have problems too.

She has a bad character and also taught her child badly.”

Regarding other people’s affairs, Shen Liuchen has always disdained to care about it.

He didn’t even bother to comment, and only listened to Song Jinxi’s bits and pieces of rants.

“And you know what It was obviously because he was riding too fast and hit me.

It’s fine if he didn’t apologize after hitting me but he even said that it was me who didn’t look at the road and caused him to fall.

They also did not let me go, even pushed me and wanted me to apologize”

When she finished, she suddenly felt as if she should not complain about this to Shen Liuchen, and quickly looked at his expression in silence.


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