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The headquarters building of the Jinyu Group.

At the reception on the first floor.

At the front desk, Zhu Linlin, wearing a white shirt and a black-and-white plaid skirt with exquisite makeup on her face, sat at her workstation and watched all kinds of men and women pass by in front of her.

These people are all national, and even global, industry elites.

Among them, there are many foreigners whose eye color and hair color are obviously different from others.

They come from all over the world and are employed by Jinyu Group.

Some of them are employees of the company’s headquarters, and some of them are dispatched personnel from subsidiaries companies to contact the headquarters.

One by one, they walked past her without a smile, and the word ‘serious’ was almost written on each of their faces.

However, even if they don’t give her half a glance, Zhu Linlin still needs to show them a warm smile from time to time when they accidentally look over, as a sign of welcoming them.

In the past, she could occasionally receive a smile or two in response, but now she has none.

Even if those people saw her, they would only look away expressionlessly.

Zhu Linlin’s smile became more and more tired.

Fortunately, the time to go to work finally came, and the entire lobby gradually became empty.

After glancing at the time on the computer, she saw that it was already nine past twelve.

There are only two security guards with electric batons and Zhu Linlin herself that are left in the lobby.

Zhu Linlin rubbed the corners of her slightly sour mouth, sighed, and opened the company’s internal communication software.

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Zhu Linlin: “When will the clean-up event end I see that everyone’s facial expressions are so serious now.

Every day when I go to work, I see serious faces everywhere, and no one smiles at all.

There are times when some people come to the front desk, I will even be frightened, thinking that I am not doing well and they are here looking for trouble.”

Zhu Linlin: “My heart is tired”.

Chen Huijie: “Nothing can be done too.”

Chen Huijie: “You weren’t there last Friday.

When I was eating alone in the company’s cafeteria, I happened to hear some insiders’ chat.

It was said that an executive of a subsidiary company did something that offended the President, and the President ordered a thorough investigation of the entire company.”

Chen Huijie: “In fact, to tell you the truth, it’s all those people who are too greedy.

Jinyu is so good that others can’t even get in after currying favor.

After they came in, they didn’t cherish it and even did things that are bad for the company, and they were all executives.”

Chen Huijie: “Say, even after receiving the company’s dividends every year, the average salary of two small clerks like us is only a little more than 10,000 yuan per month, and it is already higher than the salary of hard core technicians in some small companies… Not to mention the basic salary of those executives, I heard that their annual bonus is already hundreds of thousands of yuan.

If they are still not satisfied with this kind of condition, then this kind of person deserves to be fired.”

Zhu Linlin: “I also know this…”

Zhu Linlin: “But the problem is, everyone’s expression is too serious now.

And it makes me a little nervous.”

Chen Huijie: “We can’t help it.

The mood of those middle and high-level executives is not much better now.

Everyone of them might have done some things to seek personal gain, it’s just that the severity level is different.

The president’s thorough investigation this time not only takes out those who abuse their power to seek personal gain, but he may even find that there must be very, very few middle and high-level executives who really have no fault at all.”

Zhu Linlin gave her a sighing expression.

Chen Huijie: “It’s all right.


Let their seriousness be theirs.

Their fire won’t even burn towards you.”

While Zhu Linlin was still typing, Chen Huijie suddenly sent a long string of ‘Ahhhh…’ over.

She returned a series of question marks.


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