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The application showed that Chen Huijie is still typing and she is not in a hurry either.

She deletes the words she typed just now and waits slowly.

It’s just that Chen Huijie’s typing speed seemed to be a little slow this time.

She waited for a long time before the message from Chen Huijie finally came in.

Chen Huijie: “Oh my.

I am too excited just now, I’ve kept typing wrong and my hands were shaking.

Let me tell you.

I saw the president.”

Zhu Linlin: “”

Chen Huijie: “So, don’t say that women are not suitable to be security guards… Being a security guard is also beneficial.

They can see some pictures that you mortals can’t see.”

Chen Huijie: “I accidentally glanced at the surveillance camera just now and saw the President’s Maserati.

At first, I didn’t care.

I thought it was Assistant Chen who came to the company to get documents again.

Isn’t Assistant Chen going in and out of the company a lot this week I heard that he took some important documents home for the President to review.”

Zhu Linlin: “I know.

I heard that some people are still guessing whether the President is ill.”

Chen Huijie: “Yes, but the one who got out of the car just now was the President himself.

Although I only saw a back view, his figure is still very distinguishable from Assistant Chen.

Moreover, he has a kind of aura that makes people never forget it even only after a glance.”

Chen Huijie: “But!! Do you know what is more important! I will tell it only to you, and you must not say it to others.

If it spreads, I may also be fired.”

Zhu Linlin: “Just say it.

Do you still not know my character”

Chen Huijie: “I saw a woman following beside the President!!!”

Chen Huijie: “A woman!!!!!!!!!!”

Chen Huijie: “!!!!!!”

Chen Huijie: “The President, who never has any affair scandals with anyone, whose Secretary is even a man but has never shown any sign as a gay either, and who everyone thinks as an asexual person! There’s! A woman by his side now!!! A woman!!! Do you get me It’s a woman!!!”

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Zhu Linlin was dizzy by her series of exclamations and question marks.

Zhu Linlin: “All right, all right.

I know there is a woman, and then what” On the surface, she seems very calm, but in fact, she’s too nervous too.

After all, she was also one of the women who fell under Shen Liuchen’s trousers.

It is no exaggeration to say that more than half of the single unmarried women in Jinyu Group have a secret crush on Shen Liuchen… Of course, there are not a few married women who also regard Shen Liuchen as their male god and the lover of their dreams.

There is never any scandal about Shen Liuchen.

Those who are single and have fantasies, besides guessing that Shen Liuchen may have an abnormal orientation, always have expectations in their hearts.

They hope that they are the special one.

They hope that one day, a story of a prince and Cinderella will suddenly come out and they become the woman standing by his side.

But today…

Are all women’s dreams about to be shattered

Zhu Linlin’s heart is a little sour.

She just hopes that the woman doesn’t really have an affair with the President as Chen Huijie said.

But Chen Huijie’s next words shattered her hope.

Chen Huijie: “The height difference between that woman and the President looks so cute.

Wu wu wu… She’s almost as tall as the President’s shoulder.”

Chen Huijie: “I saw the President get out of the car first, and then opened the door for the woman in person.

It seemed that his hand was covering the top of the woman’s head.

Although it didn’t look very clear, it gave me a very gentle feeling.

After the woman came down, the President took the initiative again to hold her hand, and then the two entered the President’s exclusive elevator together.”


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