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Zhu Linlin: “… It couldn’t be, right”

She uttered a foul word in her heart on a rare occasion.

Chen Huijie: “My God! The President hasn’t appeared for a week.

Could it be that he had gone to get married and had a honeymoon”

Zhu Linlin’s hand also trembled a little: “I think what you said makes sense.”

Chen Huijie: “Dear sister, if this matter is known to other women, today is the broken heart day of all women in Jinyu Group.”

Zhu Linlin: “I am broken-hearted.”

Chen Huijie: “I’m also broken-hearted.”

Zhu Linlin: “At that time, in order to enter Jinyu and meet the President by chance, to get the advantage of being favored by him, I didn’t even inherit my mother’s steamed stuffed bun shop.

Unexpectedly, the President walks through the front door only a few times throughout the year.”

Chen Huijie: “Who isn’t doing the same as you Didn’t I also not inherit my mother’s pork shop and came to be a security guard here instead As a result… I didn’t expect that I would be the first one to eat dog food!! Oh, my God! ——My heart aches.”

Zhu Linlin: “Let’s go to the bar tonight.

It’s my treat.”

Chen Huijie: “Let’s drink all night long.”


As the protagonists of their chat, Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen naturally did not know that their whereabouts had been exposed.

But this matter has little impact on them.

Jinyu’s employees have signed confidentiality agreements and will not easily tell what they see.

Song Jinxi also proposed not to make their marriage news public for the time being.

Shen Liuchen was not happy at first.

He always has this feeling like a lover who could not be brought to light.

Obviously, they have obtained the marriage certificate and they are legal husband and wife protected by the law.

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Song Jinxi is very resistant in letting others know about their relationship, saying that if her identity is known by others, her future work may be less interesting.

Finally, after Song Jinxi had been acting coquettishly in his arms for a while, and was very docile when being pressed and kissed by him, only then did he reluctantly agree to her proposal.

For Song Jinxi, she has been in the novel world for a whole week since her crossing.

This week, she has been recuperating at home, and Shen Liuchen is also at home with her.

When Shen Liuchen was dealing with company affairs, she was sitting next to him, reading a book or playing games.

When he was done with his official business, the two just did other things together.

Shen Liuchen behaved very sticky to her…

Thinking back on this week’s experience, Song Jinxi couldn’t help but blush.

She always feels that their life is a little messy.

They had done everything they should and shouldn’t do, except that they didn’t do it until the last step.

She was led by Shen Liuchen and pushed open the door of a new world.

After feeling the beauty of it, she no longer had such a deep shadow of the first painful moment anymore.

Sometimes she even urged Shen Liuchen to come in quickly with his real gun.

However, Shen Liuchen kept her in a tight spot every time before stroking her face and said that they shouldn’t be in a hurry.

Song Jinxi also thought about hooking him back, but she doesn’t seem to have any talent in this area.

She was not his opponent at all even though she had used all the tricks she knew.

She often lifted a stone and hit herself in the foot instead, and was pressed down by Shen Liuchen to do whatever he wanted.

In addition to the rapid development of her relationship with Shen Liuchen, her revolutionary friendship with Lin Xiaoxiao has been gradually established too.

Knowing that Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t want to talk to the original male lead at all, and then looking at Shen Liuchen, who seems to have gradually become normal again on the surface, Song Jinxi always feels that she needed to find a time to meet with Lin Xiaoxiao.

See if she can summon the system.

After all, the plot is completely messed up now.

There is no emotional intersection between the male lead and female lead.

It is also unknown whether the world will collapse or not.


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