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She has to ask the system to see if there is anything to pay attention to next.

Then asking it, whether it’s necessary to forcibly match the male lead and the female lead in order to prevent the world from collapsing.

In her and Lin Xiaoxiao’s eyes, the original male lead is considered a scumbag, but it is not so in the eyes of readers.

After all, he later ‘forsake evil ways and return to the right path’ for Lin Xiaoxiao’s sake.

After being with Lin Xiaoxiao, his only stain is that after quarreling with Lin Xiaoxiao, he was tricked by the female supporting character after drinking and getting drunk, and had a one night stand with the female supporting character.

However, because he later severely abused the female supporting character, the readers all forgave him.

Of course, the original female lead also cried and forgave him.

This kind of plot is simply poisonous.

If it’s not necessary, she doesn’t want to match Lin Xiaoxiao and the original male lead at all.

It feels like pushing a cute girl into the fire pit.

It feels a little selfish.

After chatting with Lin Xiaoxiao these days, it can be seen that she is the kind of girl with more assertiveness.

She doesn’t like the original male lead.

It’s no use even if she matches them up.

If she can contact the system, she will discuss with the system whether she can save the world without the male lead and female lead having attraction towards each other.

If the world does fall apart because male lead and female lead are not together, then just let all of them die together.

Anyway, she has already experienced the taste of love now.

Even if she has to die, there seems to be no regret either in her heart, not to mention that Shen Liuchen is also by her side now.

As Song Jinxi thought so, her thumb couldn’t help rubbing gently on the back of Shen Liuchen’s hand.

Shen Liuchen turned his head sideways and looked down at her slightly.

“What’s wrong” He asked in a low voice.

Song Jinxi looked up to smile at him and shook her head.

At this moment, the members of the secretary group who had been secretly watching the interaction between the two of them, picked up their mobile phones one after another.

They usually have two groups, one for exchanging the matters relating to work and the other for exchanging the matters related to daily life.

Now, all of them have opened the daily life group in unison.

“Have I seen it wrong The one who just walked past is the President”

“Same question here.

Is it the President He actually could hold a woman’s hand”

“Isn’t the president asexual I always thought he is a God and he is inviolable.

He would never find a woman nor a man.”

“I seem to be blind.

Oh, my titanium dog eye.”

“I got up in a hurry and didn’t eat breakfast.

Now I suddenly feel a little full.

May I ask if I am ill”

“No, you are not ill.

You just ate too much dog food.

Another: I’m a little full, too.”

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“Doesn’t anyone care that the President’s wife is very good-looking Her smile is like the flowers in spring, hitting the soul directly.

I’m f*cking in love now!”

“What f*cking love are you talking about Don’t want your job anymore You even dare to have any idea about the President’s wife But… I’m sorry, it’s really fragrant.

Count me in too.”

“I think we should collectively unscrew Little Jian.

He follows the President every day.

It’s impossible not to know that we suddenly have a new President’s Wife, but he has kept it from us for so long.”

“Let’s beat him to death for the sake of the tribe!”

“Beat him!”

“Beat him to death!”

Just then, the personal assistant Jian Weiwen silently sent a string of: “…”

“How dare you come out”

“Say! When did the President have such a situation”

“If I knew the President had a happy event, I wouldn’t be so nervous these days.

God knows that I can’t sleep well every night this week.

I’m afraid I can’t finish the data report before the President wants the results, and a lot of my hair has fallen off.”

Jian Weiwen: “It’s not that I don’t want to say it.

Even if I dare to talk about the President’s gossip, do you guys dare to listen then”


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