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“Forget it.

You won’t even dare to say it anyway.”

Jian Weiwen: “We are all brothers, so let’s not hurt each other anymore.

I can tell you that the President’s precious wife is so loved by him.

Even if you make mistakes in front of the President in the future, you must never forget to please her.

This is my brotherhood’s advice for you guys, and that’s all I can say.”

“Has the President fallen over now”

“Even a high-ranking President that is far above will fall into the river of love too one day.

But me, I don’t even have a girlfriend and even work overtime every day.

May I ask, is this because of love Is it because of responsibility”

“Don’t talk about it anymore, bastard.”

Their small tea party was very lively.

After Song Jinxi followed Shen Liuchen into the office, she also couldn’t help talking about them.

“Why are all your secretaries male I looked at this floor carefully just now and it seems that there are no women at all” Although she is curious, she is also a little happy.

There are no women around Shen Liuchen, which means that she doesn’t have to face the plots of those TV dramas she has watched before.

Such as, after being brought to the company by Shen Liuchen, she will have to face those intellectual female secretaries who not only wear close-fitting clothes but also hot and have outstanding personal abilities.

And there will be no cases where she is provoked openly and secretly and being squeezed aside.

Shen Liuchen said casually: “Women are troublesome.”

He pressed Song Jinxi to sit on the sofa, and personally poured her a cup of hot water before putting it on the coffee table in front of her.

“The WiFi here has no password.

Just play the game by yourself first.” He said.

Song Jinxi was a little unhappy, “It’s not like I only play games.”

Her gaze tightly grasped Shen Liuchen, then she pointed at him and said: “We have agreed this morning before we came here that you would arrange a job for me today.

You can get busy with your work first.

When you are finished, I want to choose a job by myself.”

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Shen Liuchen was a little reluctant, but still didn’t say anything.

He was processing documents on his desk not far away and not long afterwards, a whole row of assistants came in and reported the different tasks they were assigned, to him one by one.

Song Jinxi propped her chin and watched him give orders in an orderly manner after listening to the assistant’s report.

Looking at the scene of him signing the document, she always has the feeling that when a man is signing a document, he seems to be extremely handsome.

Especially if it is the man who sits on the President’s chair that is signing, that’s even more handsome.

Everyone has the mentality of worshiping the hero, and Song Jinxi is not immune to that either.

At this moment, in her eyes, Shen Liuchen is just like her hero, shining no matter what he does.

Her admiring gaze is so obvious to the point that Shen Liuchen couldn’t help pausing when signing.

He quickly processed the next documents.

After several assistants gone out one by one with the smell of sourness on their body, and closed the door of the office for the two of them——

Shen Liuchen strode to the sofa, pinched Song Jinxi’s chin and kissed her.

It is another deep kiss again.

When Song Jinxi is almost out of breath, she beats Shen Liuchen with her fist and makes a whining protest.

Only then was Shen Liuchen able to let her go.

Song Jinxi looked at him accusingly, “Why don’t you work hard but suddenly attack me instead”

Instead of answering her question, Shen Liuchen pinched her face.

“Seductress.” The man’s voice is a little dull.

“How come I’ve become a seductress instead” Song Jinxi is not happy.

She straightened her back and retorted: “I just sat here and didn’t move at all.

You can’t blame me for your own mind that is full of dishonest thoughts, and I also find that you slander me more and more now.”

Her righteous little appearance is so cute that Shen Liuchen’s eyes darken slightly.


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