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As she said that, she hummed fiercely too.

“I didn’t even say ‘if you are my buddy, come and chop me’ that kind of thing.

Those kinds of people have no feelings at all and only know how to bully others through the noticeboard or shout.”

Shen Liuchen turns a little silent.

“But being beaten is only an occasional thing.

Later, I learned to become better.

When I was admiring myself, I ran to the corner where there was no one at all by myself…” After she finished, she laughed twice: “I collected a lot of costumes and it filled my entire warehouse.

After that, when I didn’t play that game anymore, I was even reluctant to delete my account, thinking that I might go back and take a look when I have time in the future.”

“And then” He asked, following her words.

“And then… And then, because I was too busy with my work, too busy coding every day, I didn’t have time to go back into the game and take a look at it.

I don’t know whether my account was deleted by the system or not.” She thought about it seriously and sighed: “Actually, It’s not entirely because I’m busy with work.

After joining the workforce, I seem to become more impetuous.

There’s no way for me to spend several hours clearing tasks in the game every day anymore as I did in college, just to get a piece of equipment that doesn’t look that beautiful either as a costume.”

Shen Liuchen seemed to be in deep thought.

“Do you like ancient costumes so much” He asked.

“Yeah, I like it very much.” Song Jinxi said, slightly distancing herself from Shen Liuchen, and looking at his face and upper body, “If you wear ancient clothes, you must be very handsome.

Whatever the ‘unparalleled gentleman in the world’ or whatever ‘the cold and lonely modest gentleman’, they are all absolutely the most suitable if used on you…”

As she talks, she feels that her saliva is about to flow out, and it seems a little embarrassing.

“By the way! There’s another type of game I’ve played before.” She said, glancing at Shen Liuchen and pointed at him with her finger.

“But if I told you, don’t be angry with me.”

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Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly.

“What is that”

“Promise me that you won’t be angry.” Song Jinxi confirmed again.

Shen Liuchen squinted his eyes, and said duplicitously: “Tell me.”

“It’s the kind of ‘raising virtual characters’ game.” Song Jinxi said, “I am a female emperor.

There are men and women in my harem, some are human but there are also spiritual beings.

There are mermaids too, and fox spirits, cat demons, and even angels… Anyway, there are so many handsome men and beautiful women.

Moreover, whether men or women, people or demons, or even ghosts, as long as I take them into the harem, they can give birth to children for me.”

As she said that, she glanced at Shen Liuchen proudly.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes gradually became dangerous.

Song Jinxi touched her nose.

She suddenly feel like she is a little stupid, and also not afraid of death.

Dare to say such a thing in front of the vinegar king.

Even became proud of it after she finished speaking.

She slightly restrained her expression and secretly moved her sitting position.

She tried not to sit against Shen Liuchen and also tried to keep her tone calm.

“Although each and every one of those beauties are so handsome and beautiful that they can overthrow cities and ruin states, the children they give birth to are not necessarily good-looking.

The ugly ones are especially ugly.

I usually send them out for marriage when they grow up…”

Originally, when playing the game, all the players operated like this, so she didn’t think wrongly about it either.

But now, after she mentioned it in front of Shen Liuchen, even she herself could hear a hint of scum from her own words.

If this is put into a novel or TV series, it’s really appropriate for her to be scolded as a scumbag.

She pretended to clear her throat to ease the embarrassment, and continued: “Of course, there were also those very good-looking ones.

They look so good that I’m not willing to marry them out.”

“You look so happy having several mistresses at the same time.” Shen Liuchen’s faint voice came from behind her.


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