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Song Jinxi smiled dryly, and said: “Of course it’s not all happiness.

In fact, there are many careers that suffer from frustration.

I don’t like to use real money when playing games, so I can’t beat those big guys who use real money.

Someone always comes to my harem to rob my wife and children, and smashes my country and family to defeat every day.”

“Ah! I am so miserable!”

“I was thinking, if only I were the person who developed that game.

In this way, I would adjust my combat effectiveness to the highest, hang up and beat all those who have bullied me, then have beautiful children born every day and fill the whole harem to the fullest.”

After she finished speaking, seeing Shen Liuchen’s delay in responding, she couldn’t help turning her head to see his reaction.

Then she found that he was staring at herself with cold eyes.

“Done talking” His ending tone is slightly raised, sounding a little dangerous.

Song Jinxi coughed again: “Yeah.

I am done.”

Shen Liuchen gently pinched her little butt: “You are a fickle woman, a capricious woman.”

In the past week, Song Jinxi has been taken by him to stay by his side for a long time and is already used to some of his adults’ little actions.

When he pinches her now, she is not as embarrassed as before anymore.

Instead, she twisted in his arms.

She rested her head gently on his shoulder and sighed.

“To be honest, many women say that ancient men with three wives and four concubines are big pigs’ hooves, but imagine that if us women become Emperors, there are many handsome guys around us all day, competing for our favor and become jealous in front of us, we will certainly can’t help being big pig hooves either…”

She fantasized about the scene and a giggle couldn’t help but come out from the corners of her mouth.

“After all, each of them is so handsome, so cute and deeply in love with us.

May I ask, who can stop this full blow of love”

As she spoke, she suddenly felt that the surrounding temperature seemed to be a little low, and hurriedly turned back to appease Shen Liuchen.

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“Of course, those thoughts are immature, because they haven’t known such a person like you yet.” She looked very serious and said loudly: “When you are around, even if there are many men that are good-looking around me, I won’t be able to give them a second look at all.

In my eyes, they can’t even compare to your fingernails.”

After speaking, she stretched out her fingers and showed him her fingernails.

The little woman in front of him is the best at being glib and he doesn’t even know anymore how many sugar coated bullets she had sent to him these days.

Just now, he was indeed a little angry when he heard her say about three wives and four concubines, hugging left and embracing right.

But when she turned around to comfort him and show her love to him…

His anger disappeared completely as if it had no backbone at all.

What’s more, he knows that she is only interested in those animated characters, and she likes them as long as they are good-looking, regardless of their gender.

She would often be infatuated with good-looking female animated characters too.

On the contrary, none of those men in the real life that enters her eyes.

They watched TV dramas together several times.

When someone said that a certain person is a national male god, she would compare him with that person and step that person into the mud.

Praisin him and comparing him with another idol, saying that he is the most handsome and charming man in the world.

Shen Liuchen becomes the most impatient when he hears flattery from others in front of him.

If the other party wants to talk business with him, they must directly say things related to interests only.

If there is a person who wants to get closer to him by flattering him first, then that person is likely to be blacklisted by him, together with the company behind it.

Therefore, almost no one in the business field dares to play tricks in front of Shen Liuchen.

Only Song Jinxi is an exception.


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