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Every time he heard her say all kinds of sweet words in front of him, he couldn’t even maintain the calm expression on his face several times, and almost showed a happy look.

Now, she starts again.

A trace of helplessness flashed across his eyes, and there was even a smile in his helplessness.

He pointed to the few game plans he had left behind.

“Take a look and see which one you are more interested in.

I’ll let them focus on research and development.”

“Focus on research and development Do you want to research and develop the others together too Are you interested in these” Song Jinxi asked three times in a row.

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly.

“I have less exposure to games, and I don’t know the specific content of games.” He said, “It’s just that market research shows that these five types of games are indeed relatively popular at present.”

“It so happened that I have been exposed to a lot of games.

So I can give you some reference.” Song Jinxi picked up the first book.

After reading for a while, I turned to one of the pages in the middle.

“This game is obviously designed for adult males.” She said.

“Where I used to work, those male colleagues around me liked to play these kinds of games.

Although they are ‘AFK’ from it every day, they just liked to play.” After she finished speaking, she pointed to a point listed in the plan to attract players, “The reward of this lucky draw is very distinctive and should be able to attract those male players who like to spend real money.”

Shen Liuchen roughly glanced at that plan.

The plan is based on air combat.

Players can draw prizes every day or form air fighters by collecting materials.

The common form of a fighter is the appearance of an aircraft, but it can also be transformed into another anthropomorphic form.

The image examples of several women attached to the plan are all lovely loli types.

Shen Liuchen frowned slightly, feeling a little disgusted for a while.

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He looked away calmly and continued to read the description.

Song Jinxi is still looking at several cartoon characters carefully.

These cartoon characters look like loli, according to their height and face, but the figure of each character is very good.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help but take a second glance.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen didn’t seem to be interested in these images, Song Jinxi pointed to a loli and said: “I think this plan is very good.

This type… is what otaku men like.

They look like loli, but they have a particularly good figure, which can meet their fantasies.

When this game is released, it should be very popular.”

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly.

He put the first plan together and put it aside.


Song Jinxi picked up the second plan.

“In fact, this kind of leveling up immortals’ mobile game, its main attraction is on the ‘away from keyboard’ type of play, but most of the players seem to be the kind of uncles in their thirties and forties, mainly high-level leaders and bosses.

Anyway, it’s the type of game that rich people love to play.

They enjoy the fun of spending their money and abusing other players, and when they throw money out, they often don’t care how much they spend.”

“This kind of game is either for those gold players or those who choose to spend a lot of time and energy playing it instead.

Spending more than ten hours every day playing it, but even so, they may not be able to beat a big guy with tens of thousands of in-game money.

I used to play this kind of game.

There is a big guy in our guild and when fighting a guild war, he can beat a whole guild of others by himself.

He would chase after the members of the enemy’s guild, and then kill them in the field.

He just kills all the leaders of the guild and makes them withdraw.”

“This kind of big guy usually calls this operation of chasing people to be chopped as ‘hot blood’.

‘If you are my brother, come and chop me’ is simply their motto.”


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