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The reason that makes Song Jinxi’s body slightly stiff is very simple.

Just because the plot setting of this game is too similar to her experience with Shen Liuchen.

The Nine-tailed Fox Demon on the cover is a normal Nine-tailed Fox Demon.

Its handsome face is indescribable between male and female, and its body is slender.

The nine pure white fox tails behind it all moved by itself, which seems to directly attack the souls of girls with fantasies.

After opening the planning document, the first page is the blackened Nine-tailed Fox Demon.

The blackened Fox Demon’s eyes are red and very demonic.

The red eyes collide with the porcelain-white skin.

At first glance, it gives people a very shocking visual difference.

Especially the cruel smile on the corner of his mouth.

It hooks people’s souls.

She has to admit that the artistry of this picture is really very good.

The lines outline that kind of sinister feeling, which makes people feel like their heart beats rapidly at first glance, and then like being hooked at the second glance.

The blackened Nine-tailed Fox Demon is even more charming and attractive than the normal Fox Demon.

Making people can’t help but want to get close.

It’s just that the plot makes Song Jinxi a little afraid to analyze it with Shen Liuchen.

At first, she was really attracted by the original painting of the Fox Demon.

After reading the plot, she slowly calmed down.

It can even be said that this little Fox Demon is completely the demonized version of Shen Liuchen.

The little Fox Demon is the demon born from the Lord of a place called Qingqiu and an ordinary fox demon.

A strictly illegitimate child.

The Lady of Qingqiu is a jealous Fox Spirit.

It is impossible for the Lord of Qingqiu to take the little fox demon home.

The little Fox Demon’s biological mother died after giving birth to him.

The poor little Fox Demon has been wandering outside since childhood, bullied by all kinds of people in various ways, and then slowly bullied into a morbid state of mind.

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In the end, it turned so black that it wanted to destroy the Three Realms.

The player is set as the savior and needs to help the little Fox Demon avoid the disaster that will happen to it every time.

This theme was originally set to be a stand-alone game.

But the game planner who wrote this plan is obviously a genius, and he just set this game as a small and medium-sized online interactive game.

Each player will be assigned a little fox after registering an account.

That little fox only belongs to the player themself.

The first step of the game is to be guided by the system to help the little Fox Demon avoid the first damage.

Let’s not talk about the plot and just talk about the gameplay of the game first.

Capturing the Fox Demon requires a lot of things.

Making dishes to conquer its stomach, cook a hearty meal for it when it is hungry, and take the opportunity to improve its favorability.

Every time the player goes to see it, they need to put on self-made clothes that fit the scene and look good, and take the opportunity to brush its favor.

And often go to its dream to brush their sense of existence.

Players need to learn a lot after entering the game.

To learn how to cook, they need to go through various levels to collect recipes.

In addition, they have to collect all kinds of food materials, even grow vegetables in their own personal space.

They can also raise all kinds of small spirit animals that can be used for ingredients… It’s like the combination of the once popular game of ‘farming’ and ‘ranching’ into one game.

To learn how to make clothes, they have to go through various levels to obtain the clothes illustrations too.

Moreover, they also need to collect all kinds of fabrics.

In addition to the different materials, the players can also grow various medicinal materials to make dyes to dye the fabrics.

So there’s a lot that they can do in the game.

Once players start to play this game, it is very likely that they will not be able to rest at all, and they will have various tasks every day to enrich their game life.

Players can also compete with each other.

In the food competition, they can compare whether the food is good or not, and in the clothing competition, they can compare whether the clothes are well-made or not… And the winner can directly obtain various materials.


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