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Unexpectedly, only two years later, she was chilled by those details.

With Shen Liuchen here this time, no one should be able to make her angry anymore.

She doesn’t have to be wronged like before, with no one helping her when she was wronged and could only go to find the next company in her grievances.

Guo Dawei first called the personnel to register the information for Song Jinxi.

Guo Dawei couldn’t help laughing when he saw Song Jinxi say her name.

“You really have a predestined relationship with our company.” He said.

Song Jinxi looked at him questioningly, not quite understanding what he meant.

“Look, your name is ‘Jinxi’, the name of the group company is ‘Jinyu’, and our subsidiary company is called ‘Ximei’… That is to say, your name contains the names of our group company and subsidiary company.

What is this called if not fate”

Song Jinxi suddenly seemed to think of something.

She vaguely remembered that she had seen the explanation of the word ‘Shen’ when looking up the dictionary before.

It seems to mean ‘jade’, referring to ‘treasure’.

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In other words, the name ‘Jinyu’ is likely to be a combination of her and Shen Liuchen’s names.

In addition, there is still ‘Xiyu Shopping Plaza’, which also comes from the names of the two of them.

As for ‘Ximei’, there is only her name left in it.

Song Jinxi felt that she had to find out the names of various companies under the Jinyu group.

After checking it, she might have new discoveries.

While thinking about it, she nodded in response to Guo Dawei: “It’s really predestined.”

“To tell you the truth, Little Song, you have strong technical skills.

If you work hard in Ximei, the company will not treat you badly.” Guo Dawei said.

“Don’t worry about that.” Song Jinxi assured him.

“I don’t care what kind of work you did in the Node before, and why you left the job.

Now, since you have entered our Ximei, please treat Ximei as your home.” Guo Dawei continued: “There’s a competitive relationship between Node and our company.

If you still keep in touch with those former colleagues in Node, you may need to avoid it a little.”

“When there is competition between two companies, we can’t guarantee that all people are dedicated to the company.

They may be connected with the outside world because of some interests.

Once there is any problem between Node and Ximei, if you still keep in touch with your former colleagues, you may become the object of our suspicion, whether you have done something wrong to the company or not.”

“This one requires your special attention.”

Song Jinxi didn’t expect Guo Dawei to say this to herself, but she can’t deny that what he said is really sincere.

Fortunately, she has never really worked at Node.

It’s true that she is an employee of the Node company, but in fact, she doesn’t know those colleagues at all.

The System has said that those colleagues will also have some memories related to her in their minds, but it will not be too deep.

At most, they can only be regarded as ordinary nodding acquaintances.

Except for the team leader who called her to ask her why she didn’t go to work.

When the System conveyed memories to these people, it especially deepened her impression in the mind of the team leader.

TN: Shen means the treasure jade and jade is pronounced ‘Yu’, hence the name JinYu.

Jin itself means bright and beautiful.

Ximei: Looking for Xi (JYX).


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