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The discovery made her quietly breathe a sigh of relief.

So, what she has to do now is to pretend that she didn’t find this point, and just treat this as an ordinary game.

“Do you like this game” Shen Liuchen asked.

Song Jinxi hesitated.

“Actually, I don’t like it that much either…”

There’s still some danger in this game, even if it is only a potential danger.

If Shen Liuchen is not very interested in the setting of this game, she thinks she can add fuel to the flames a little and make this planning document a stillborn, so as to avoid accidents in the future.

Otherwise, it will be too late for her to regret it.

However, if Shen Liuchen thinks this plan is okay, she has to follow his wishes and show a positive attitude.

In short, her attitude can’t be too absolute, can’t be too abnormal, and can’t give Shen Liuchen any chance to doubt it.

“Don’t like it that much means still somewhat like it…” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi: “…”

Shen Liuchen: “Do you like the plot or the Fox Demon”

Song Jinxi found a new opportunity.

She deliberately held her face like a girl who is infatuated and said: “I think the blackened Fox Demon is so handsome!”

As she spoke, she showed a silly smile.

Thinking to herself that when Shen Liuchen saw she was crazy about the Fox Demon, with his jealous temper, he would definitely give up developing this game.

Shen Liuchen did put this game planning document aside, but what he said was not what Song Jinxi wanted to hear.

“Since you like it, let’s focus on developing it then.” His voice was flat and didn’t seem to be jealous at all.

Song Jinxi turned silent…

It shouldn’t be like this.

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She was still reflecting on whether she was not acting like an infatuated girl enough when she heard Shen Liuchen say again:

“However, the face of the Fox Demon you want to attack…” He didn’t finish his sentence, as if he deliberately gave Song Jinxi room to think.

Song Jinxi had a question mark on her face.

“What do you mean” She expressed that she didn’t quite understand his meaning.

Instead of answering her question, Shen Liuchen asked back again, “If you have other suggestions, you can put them forward together later.”

As he spoke, he dialed the internal line, gave an order and hung up the phone.

Song Jinxi wanted to get off him, but Shen Liuchen held her back and wouldn’t let her go.

“What are you doing” Song Jinxi was still struggling: “Do you want your assistant to see me sitting on your lap Such a blatant show of affection”

Shen Liuchen bit her ear, and whispered in her ear: “We are legally married, Mrs.


This ‘Mrs.


Song Jinxi was made speechless by it and just let him do whatever he wanted.

She deliberately leaned into Shen Liuchen’s arms, trying to reduce her sense of existence as much as possible.

After a while, an assistant came in.

The assistant looked at the president’s wife, who was clearly still sitting on the sofa just now, and had now sat on the president’s lap.

Their intimate and ambiguous posture made him suddenly feel that there seemed to be a lot of green lemons flying around him.

As a man who works hard every day, is he going to live a miserable life of eating dog food every day in the future

Although the bitter water in his heart was tumbling, his face remained calm.

“Tell him all your suggestions.” Shen Liuchen said and dug out Song Jinxi’s face that was buried in his chest.

Then he squeezed her chin and let her face the assistant.

At the same time, he also raised his eyes to the assistant: “Write it down.”

The assistant quickly took out a notebook.

The situation seemed a little too serious.

Song Jinxi almost couldn’t react to it.

After a while, seeing that the assistant was still standing at the desk in a posture of ready to write the instruction down, she quickly freed her chin from Shen Liuchen’s hand and thought seriously for a while.

She felt that the planning document was already written perfectly.

If she has to give her opinion…


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