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“The image of the protagonist——that is, the Fox Demon, can’t be as static as it was originally set.”

“For example, when he was still a little fox, it had only one tail.

At this time, its shape can be designed to be cute to meet the players’ desire to raise it.

After that, the number of its tails began to be linked to the player’s level, as well as its own age and mana.

This requires numerical planning to arrange the ratio.”

“Finally, it can be upgraded to eight-tailed Fox Demon.”

“The last tail will not grow by itself.

It needs the player to successfully stop him from blackening, and then the two of them can go through a certain instance together.

After clearing the level, it can become a Nine-tailed Fox Demon and unlock new images at the same time.

For example, let him change into a very beautiful dress, and even reward the player with matching couple clothes at the same time.”

“His appearance can also be changed with the upgrade.

In addition to clothes, some beautiful patterns or decorations can be added to his face slowly.

That is to say, let the fox itself become an item that needs to be upgraded.”

“In addition, an exchange option can be set up in the game so that players can freely sell or buy all kinds of materials in the game, especially some rare items.

However, the development team should also take precautions to avoid letting the studio exploit loopholes to make profits.

The team needs to find a solution for this by themselves, because I don’t have any good ideas either.”

“That’s about it.”

After Song Jinxi finished speaking, he looked at Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen ordered a few more words, and then the assistant went out with the planning documents.

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After he closed the door, Shen Liuchen kissed Song Jinxi’s face.

Song Jinxi hugged his neck with a hint of pride on her face.

“How is it Do you think your wife is worth it Although she is an Internet addict who loves to play games whenever there’s free time, she has a lot of unique opinions and can give you all kinds of good ideas at the critical moment.”

Her nimble and lively appearance and the smile on her face also infected Shen Liuchen.

Even made him feel that her body seemed to be emitting light and heat, illuminating and warming his heart.

Song Jinxi still continued to say: “This is a suggestion from an old treasure-player.

If it wasn’t for the fact that you are my husband, I wouldn’t even tell you all this stuff.”

“My wife is awesome.” Shen Liuchen praised her kindly.

After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but leaned in and kissed her soft, pink lips.

Song Jinxi smiled and felt his tenderness.

When he retreated, she said again: “I want a reward!”

It’s just that as soon as she said this sentence, she saw that Shen Liuchen’s eyes seemed to become a little dangerous, and she quickly held him down.

“No, no, no.

Wait a minute.

Please don’t think crookedly!” She pressed his chest to keep him from getting closer, and said, “The reward I said is different from the reward you said before.”

“Oh” Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly.

“It’s the Fox Demon’s game plan just now.

I want to go to their project team.” Song Jinxi said, “I don’t understand game development, but for games like this, there should be a sub official website under the official website of Ximei game company, as well as an official game forum, both on PC and App, so as to facilitate the communication between players.”

“I want to join this team and design the official website and official forum on the PC.”

Shen Liuchen’s originally evil look gradually subsided and was replaced by a trace of hesitation.

“You have to keep your word, Shen Liuchen.” Song Jinxi pointed her fingers at him.

“You promised me.”

Shen Liuchen grabbed her hand and put it on his chest, and said in a deep voice: “But I can’t work without you by my side.”

He actually resorted to a seduction trick!


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