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ABTC Chapter 40.6

She also imitated Shen Liuchen, took his hand to her mouth and gave him a big bite.

When she looks up at Shen Liuchen and sees that it seems like he still doesn’t want to let it go…

She smiled secretly.

The male god is too clingy.

What a sweet trouble.

She leaned on Shen Liuchen, thinking about flattering him for a while.

But not only was she pressed for a deep kiss without any notice at all, in the end she still had to ‘sacrifice her hands’ to help him do that kind of thing in the office without any shame…

Afterwards, she leaned on the desk while rubbing her sore hands and watching Shen Liuchen clean up the scene by himself.

Then there was another disagreement again with Shen Liuchen about her job placement.

Shen Liuchen wanted her to be parachuted directly to Ximei game company to be the R&D director in charge of PC games development.

——Ximei game company is the largest subsidiary game company of Jinyu, specializing in the research and development of various mobile games.

The five games will all be developed by Ximei game company.

At that time, the company will draw various technical talents to form five teams to develop games together.

Five games are expected to be launched in succession next year.

There are several R&D directors in Ximei game company, some are responsible for App development and some are responsible for PC development.

Shen Liuchen meant that she is very experienced, and Ximei mainly developed mobile games.

There are not many programmers responsible for the PC side, so Song Jinxi should also be able to manage it.

“How can I manage it” Song Jinxi immediately retorted, “I have never been a manager.

I am just a hardworking programmer.”

“Do you want to be a programmer for life” Shen Liuchen asked.

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“What’s wrong with being a programmer for life” Song Jinxi retorted as a matter of course: “I don’t even live on wages.

I just want to experience my life.

Am I right, my CEO husband”

Her novel title and her righteous tone made Shen Liuchen’s heart soften a little.

What’s more, when she was talking, she put her hand that had just been wiped clean with a wet wipes on the tip of her nose and sniffed.

She didn’t know what her action meant in the eyes of the man who had just been satisfied.

She is smelling him…

As soon as these words flashed in his mind, Shen Liuchen’s wiping hands were crooked, and his breathing even became a little unsteady.

If it wasn’t for the scruples in his heart that he didn’t dare to touch her easily, Shen Liuchen would like to have her rectified on the spot right now.

A seductive fairy who hooks people.

He whispered secretly in the bottom of his heart.

Song Jinxi only had the faint fragrance of the wet wipes on her hand, but after having a discussion with Shen Liuchen, she still had to wash her hands.

Otherwise, she always has the feeling as if… there were still traces of his hundreds of millions of descendants on her hands.

The air still exudes a faint smell of men.

When Shen Liuchen finished cleaning up, he got up and walked to the window to open it.

The president’s office is on the 36th floor.

As soon as the window is opened, a breeze will blow in.

In just a short time, the smell in the air is blown away.

“I just want to write programs every day, make web pages and write the bottom frame.

I am not interested in management.” Song Jinxi put down her hands and supported the edge of the desk.

She looked at Shen Liuchen seriously, “If you let me be the manager, first of all, when I first started, I must be groping every day, and I will ignore you at that time.

Even if I become more skillful after that, I will have a lot of things to do every day.

Do you think I will still have the time to pay attention to you”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

What a miscalculation.

He didn’t even think about this aspect.

Fortunately, she is not interested in management.

Otherwise, he will definitely find a way to make her give up the management job in the future.

If she gets used to this job through a short period of groping, when he wants her to give it up again, it is very likely that he will have to sign a lot of unequal contracts.


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