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Song Jinxi is still saying: “If I am just a programmer, then after I get off work every day, I belong to you completely.

I don’t have to worry about the company’s affairs anymore.

Even if there is a problem with the website, I can let other colleagues deal with it first.

After the negotiation, Song Jinxi rejected Shen Liuchen’s proposal to escort her downstairs, and took the president’s exclusive elevator down to the first basement floor by herself instead.

Then she sneaked into the employee elevator, went to the first  floor and sat in the lobby of the Jinyu building while waiting.

Zhu Linlin originally lowered her head to sort out a few documents.

After sorting them out, she looked up and found that there was suddenly one more person on the sofa against the wall not far away in front of her.

This person looks very unfamiliar.

The key point is that she doesn’t wear a work card or a temporary visitor’s pass around her neck.

For security reasons, and also to keep the company’s secrets confidential, Jinyu’s management is very strict.

There are four security guards guarding the door every day during the rush hour.

Anyone who enters the company must bring a work card.

If they are a visitor, they must register themself at the front desk.

If someone enters the lobby without a work card but also does not register themself as a visitor after a long time, they will be asked to go out by the security guard.

As for the woman who sits on the sofa, she just sat there quietly, without a work card, and seemed to have no intention of coming to her for inquiries, which made Zhu Linlin feel quite strange.

After a while, the door of employee elevator No.

1 opened.

The person who came out of it was an idol-level Operation Director of Ximei game company——

Guo Dawei.

Ximei once launched a popular mobile game all over the world, and that game is still very popular until now.

There are many hardcore players, and the annual revenue is almost more than half of Ximei’s annual turnover.

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And Guo Dawei was packaged by Ximei as an idol-level director.

He is tall, handsome and has two small dimples when he smiles.

He often appears in the promotional videos of various games of Ximei.

Since his ‘debut’ three years ago, more and more female players have become his fans.

Of course, there are also not a few male fans of his.

As far as Zhu Linlin knows, one of her cousins often posts on Guo Dawei’s Weibo with tweets such as ‘want to give birth to a monkey baby for director’, ‘I have eight-pack abs, and for the sake of abs, director can blablablabla…’ and the like.

She doesn’t know whether he is really bent, or just wants to win Guo Dawei’s attention so that Guo Dawei can boost the character he plays.

Zhu Linlin watched Guo Dawei walk up to the girl, had a little talk with her, and then took her away.

This seems to be against the rules.

Zhu Linlin followed the backs of the two of them.

Seeing that they were about to walk to the elevator door, she thought about it for a while and then chased after them.

“Just a moment, please.” She shouted as she trotted to catch up with them.

When the two people in front of her stopped, she also caught up with them.

“I’m sorry, Director Guo, this lady is not registered.” Zhu Linlin said.

It’s not that Jinyu does not allow visitors to enter, but as long as they are visitors, they need to register their identity first.

Even if it is the director who brings them in, it is not an exemption either.

Otherwise, if any secrets of the company are leaked, or something else happens, she, as the front desk receptionist, also needs to take certain responsibilities.

Guo Dawei was stunned for a moment, then looked at Song Jinxi subconsciously.

Fortunately, Zhu Linlin didn’t see his reaction, otherwise she would feel strange again, why would a director subconsciously look at an ordinary person’s reaction.

Song Jinxi knew Guo Dawei’s identity.

She didn’t expect a receptionist to be so conscientious that she even dared to stop the idol-level director of their company.


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