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But she also felt proud for a moment.

After all, this is her husband’s company.

She feels honored that the company’s discipline has been taken so well.

She smiled and said: “I am sorry, I didn’t pay attention to it.

Please take me to register.”

Zhu Linlin feels weird again.

Who is this girl actually The director hadn’t spoken yet, but she spoke first.

Guo Dawei hurriedly said: “It’s me who forgot about it.

I am sorry, Miss Song.

Please go to register first, and get the visitor pass by the way.”

After completing the process, Guo Dawei led Song Jinxi into the elevator.

Guo Dawei didn’t quite know the origin of Song Jinxi either.

He is only the executive director of a subsidiary company and can be considered as a high-ranking person already in Ximei game company and is also packaged by the company to be a bit popular.

But for the entire Jinyu group, he is just an ordinary middle-level manager.

Song Jinxi was recommended by the Chief Inspector of the Jinyu group’s overall management of the Internet.

When the Chief Inspector recommended her, he also reminded him that he must take good care of her.

It gives him a feeling that ‘the identity of the person behind this woman may be higher than that of the Chief Inspector’.

What’s more, when the entire group company is now cracking down on abuse of power for personal gain, the Chief Inspector still dares to put people in…

Judging from the Chief Inspector’s ordinary behavior, he is loyal to the group company and the President.

It seems that he has never heard of him having any experience of using power for personal gain…

To sum it up, Song Jinxi’s identity made him become even more curious.

Moreover, the name ‘Song Jinxi’ seems to have a profound meaning when it is taken apart and thought about carefully.

Guo Dawei’s brain was running fast and instead of ignoring Song Jinxi all the time, he started talking to her.

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“Ximei game company occupies two floors in the group company.

Among all subsidiaries companies, it covers a relatively large area.” Guo Dawei said, “This is because the group company attaches great importance to the development of our subsidiary company.”

Guo Dawei took the initiative to chat with her, and Song Jinxi naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to befriend him.

After all, she is just a small programmer now.

She said with a smile: “Right now, the prospect of the game industry is really good, and it is normal for the group company to attach great importance to the development of our subsidiary company.”

Guo Dawei nodded with a proud look on his face: “Just now, the President approved five games and asked those five games to be developed at the same time, and let us focus on developing a female-oriented game.

It seems that he wants to occupy the market of female players first.

In the future, the company should recruit many more programmers with technical ability.

At that time, our company may have to develop further.” He said.

“You join our team at this time.

As long as you work hard, you will definitely get a good career.”

Song Jinxi smiled and nodded: “I have a great confidence in Jinyu and also in myself.

I hope that Director will take care of me in the future.”

In their chat, Song Jinxi was very polite and had no airs at all, which made Guo Dawei heave a sigh of relief.

No matter what kind of backer this person has, at least she is a good person to get along with.

In the future, there is no need to worry that she will rely on her backer to not listen to the company’s arrangements, or even mess around.

To take a step back, even if Song Jinxi messes around, it should not turn into a big level mess either.

If she does go too far, Guo Dawei can fire her.

Even if she moves out the backer behind her, Guo Dawei doesn’t have to be afraid at all.

He can directly report to his superiors that Song Jinxi is not suitable for their company.

If it really can’t be done, there’s still the President.

Jinyu is very fair.

There is no kind of ‘tradition’ where the higher-level officer crushing the lower-level employee here.

If he is indeed the party in charge, he can ignore the pressure from the upper leadership and appeal to the secretary group first.

The secretary group is the only group directly under the President, and they will definitely give him a fair and impartial reply first.


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