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If he is still not satisfied, then the President will come forward.

Usually, this is the last move.

Because once the President comes forward, the nature of things will be different.

If he really is completely reasonable, then the person who uses power to oppress him will lose his job.

If this matter does not reach the point of alarming the President at all but he brings this matter to the President, then he will be the one who loses his job first.

As far as their initial negotiation is concerned, since there’s no problem with this person named Song Jinxi, what needs to be considered now is her technical ability.

“May I ask what you did before you joined our company” Guo Dawei asked.

Song Jinxi hesitated: “If I tell you… I hope you will keep it a secret for me.”

Hearing her say that, Guo Dawei is even more curious.

He nodded and said: “Just tell me then.”

“I used to be a network R&D engineer in Node Network, responsible for the construction of the bottom wide framework.” Song Jinxi said: “At the same time, I am also familiar with the four languages of C , Java, JS and Linux, familiar with common data structures and algorithms.

I am also familiar with software engineering, have knowledge in agile development, etc.

Putting aside my previous work environment, I consider myself technically okay.”

When she said this, Guo Dawei couldn’t help hesitating.

The sentence ‘responsible for the construction of the bottom framework’ can even be said without hesitation by her and also with such confidence, which shows that Song Jinxi is indeed a person with technical ability.

Because generally, people without technical ability can only copy the code and can’t touch the bottom framework at all.

Anyone who can touch the bottom framework is already considered the elite in this industry.

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In other words, Song Jinxi probably didn’t come in through a relationship, but she did have this strength and she was poached by the group company.

If that’s the case, then she doesn’t have much backer to speak of.

Feeling that this possibility is very high, Guo Dawei finally breathed a sigh of relief and his expression became more relaxed.

Song Jinxi felt his mood change, but she couldn’t understand what had happened for the time being.

Could it be that he was at ease with her because she revealed her technical abilities

Maybe it was because she was dispatched from the high position to the lower position and the group company also ordered him, who is the Operation Director, to pick her up in person, so he suspected that she might have gone through the back door and worried that she had a backer and was difficult to manage.

Now that he knew her technical ability, he may have another guess that she did parachuted by her own strength, so he was relieved.

It has to be said that Song Jinxi indeed guessed it right.

While they were talking, the elevator door opened.

“Let’s go to the small conference room to have a brief chat.” Guo Dawei said, motioning Song Jinxi to follow him in a quieter direction.

“Then let the personnel come and go through the entry formalities for you.

After the things are done, the person from your team will come and lead you.”

This is the same as Song Jinxi’s first interview with the company in her original world.

After finishing the reporting procedure of the new employee, the HR lady took several of their new employees to a small conference room and told them that when the group leaders finished the regular weekly meeting, they would come to pick them up.

At that time, Song Jinxi waited for a long time.

When almost all the new colleagues in the small conference room had left, only then did the smiling tiger team leader finally come.

At that time, she did not understand how sinister people’s hearts were yet.

Looking at the smiling tiger team leader smiling so kindly, she thought there would be a very warm working environment in the future, and she even wanted to regard the company as her own home.

She thought that she may keep striving here all the time in the future, then go all the way up in career, devote her youth to her job and stay in the company until her old age.


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