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It’s just that she is not sure whether he said it on purpose or because the two of them got along frankly last week that made him basically forgot about the ‘stand-in’ and also forgot that she exists under the name ‘Su Xiuxiu’ now.

Maybe because she was silent for a long time and didn’t speak, he thought she was nervous because she forgot to bring her ID card.

Guo Dawei hurriedly said to the HR lady: “It doesn’t matter if she didn’t bring her ID card now.

Just go through the entry formalities first.

The other materials can be handed over tomorrow.”

The latter sentence was addressed to Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi: “…”

Forget it.

If she can still hide it for a while, then let it be.

Let’s talk about tomorrow’s affairs tomorrow.

When she goes back tonight, she will just let Shen Liuchen find a way.

She must ask the guy well whether he deliberately didn’t remind her to pay attention to her identity.

Moreover, when she went out this morning and mentioned that she would go through the entry formalities today, he seemed to suddenly remember something, but he didn’t say anything.

The last time she went through the entry formalities was two years ago.

After working in her original world’s company for two years, she has already forgotten the photocopies of various certificates and bank cards required for the entry procedures…

If she had remembered to bring her ID card, she would not have introduced herself to Guo Dawei as Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi bit the bullet and answered a few questions from the HR lady.

After doing a simple registration, the two saw off the HR lady, and Guo Dawei talked to her about salary and the rules in the company.

Song Jinxi now has no worries about food and clothing.

Her husband is so rich and she even has a black card for her to swipe at will.

Therefore, she does not have high requirements for salary and she can accept even the most conservative number.

Guo Dawei is not as calm as she is.

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After discovering that Song Jinxi’s requirements for salary are not particularly outrageous, but somewhat conservative, Guo Dawei has a deeper affection for Song Jinxi and even feels that the girl in front of him is very to his liking.

Throughout his career, he has seen the kind of people who feel that they are invincible in the world because they have a little technical skill, and the salary they asked for was even higher than that of him as the Director.

The salaries of all subsidiary companies under the Jinyu Group are indeed much higher than those in the same industry.

However, the income of employees does not depend entirely on the fixed salary of each month, but on the year-end dividend of the entire group at the end of each year.

At the end of each year, all employees of Jinyu Group can enjoy dividends.

If an employee performed well in the previous year, the dividends that employee can get are even more than twice that employee’s annual income in that year.

Equivalent to doubling the salary of the entire year.

This point of their company is well known in the whole industry, and it is also one of the reasons why they attract more and more high-level talents who want to come to Jinyu Group to develop their career.

However, even under such circumstances, there are still  some people who want to demand exorbitantly, play tricks and bargain with them in terms of salary.

Generally, when facing this kind of person, Guo Dawei will seriously consider the other party’s character and ability after the probation period ends.

If he finds something that the other party did quite not well, he may not use this person anymore.

They have no shortage of talents.

What is lacking is talents with technical ability that is in line with the moral standing at the same time.

In the end, Guo Dawei made a decision and said that the salary during the probationary period should be based on the normal salary.

After the probationary period, whatever gear the salary will be set, it all depends on Song Jinxi’s performance during the probation period.

Song Jinxi has absolutely no opinion on this.

Guo Dawei looked at his watch, “The president’s order has just been issued today.

The general manager of our company has already started to talk to the leaders of each group.

Today, we will first determine the leaders of the five projects, including the team of ‘Saving the Blackened Fox Demon’——or ‘Fox Demon’ for short, which you are going to go to next.”


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