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Song Jinxi nodded thoughtfully.

These people work really fast.

As soon as the President’s order was issued, the team began to reorganize.

In other words, she’s waiting for her future boss here now

She suddenly feels like she is looking forward to it.

As soon as Guo Dawei had finished speaking, a gentle knock suddenly sounded at the door.

“Come in.” Guo Dawei said towards the door.

The man who pushed open the door and came in was a particularly young looking man.

Song Jinxi gave him a quick look and thought that he should not be more than 23 years old.

Certainly younger than herself.

It’s just that when Guo Dawei saw him, he first smiled at Song Jinxi and said to her: “He is here.”

Then he got up, waited for the man to walk into the office, and then slapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you in charge of the ‘Fox Demon’” Guo Dawei asked.

The young man nodded, “Yes, because Mr.

Lu said that our previous project team was the team that made the female-oriented mobile game, so I can be said to be more familiar with this kind of game.

That’s why he handed over the burden to me.”

After the young man finished speaking, he smiled shyly…

Completely not looking like a leader at all.

Originally, Guo Dawei, who took the post of Operation Director at the age of 27, has already surprised her.

Now, there’s another one, a project team leader, who looks to be in his early twenties.

Are all the staff of Ximei game company so young

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A person who is too young, can he really bear the burden of the project team leader

If the other party is a person of twenty five or twenty six years old, at least she can still feel that because the other party has two or three years of work experience, it can still make sense for the other party to be the leader of a project team.

However, the person in front of her is just in his early twenties.

He should have just started working in the society, and this is still based on the consideration that he came out to work right after finishing college.

He is really so young that he doesn’t even look like a graduate student either.

Unless he skips grades…

Countless barrages flashed through Song Jinxi’s mind, and Guo Dawei was still chatting with the young team leader over there.

“Not bad!” Guo Wei slapped the young team leader on the shoulder again with some force.

Song Jinxi obviously saw the body of the young team leader shake somewhat invisibly because of the slap, but he couldn’t help but only be silent.

It seems like he just calmly accepted it.

Is such a young boy really qualified for the position of team leader

“I heard that ‘Fox Demon’ is the one that the President instructed to focus on developing.

Just work well and get this game out, so you can show your face in front of the President afterwards.” After saying that, Guo Dawei even sighed emotionally: “I have been in the company for so many years, but I can only see the President on the podium at the end of each year.

I don’t even know if I will have the opportunity to brush my sense of existence in front of the President in my lifetime.”

The young team leader smiled, “You will definitely be able to.”

Guo Dawei also smiled and even didn’t forget the business after that.

He turned his head and pointed to Song Jinxi, who was standing obediently behind him.

“This is Little Song, Song Jinxi.

She was specially dug up by our superior for your project team, and her task is to make the sub-official website and official forum for the game.” He said again: “Take her with you.

You two have a good chat first and then you can take her to familiarize herself with the company’s environment and culture afterwards.

It just so happens that the team will only be formed after a week, so if you have nothing to do, just take her with you.”

No matter how unbelievable it was in her heart, Song Jinxi still smiled and greeted the young team leader.

When the young team leader saw her, his eyes lit up.

Guo Dawei saw his reaction and smiled, then slapped him on the shoulder again and left.

The young team leader followed behind Guo Dawei and said to Song Jinxi: “Follow me.”


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