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Song Jinxi obediently followed behind him and walked out of the conference room.

“Because our company is relatively large and has received more attention from the group company in the past two years, it occupies two floors in the group building.

Now we are on the 23rd floor of the group building, and there is another floor upstairs which is also ours.”

Song Jinxi nodded as she listened.

“The building of the group company is of ‘L’ shape.

We are now in one of the middle areas.

This large area is filled with personnel and administrative offices, including the company’s logistics department.

In the future, when you need to collect and replace some office equipment, you will have to come here.

“Walking through this area is the office area of our large mobile game development department.”

Song Jinxi: “Okay.”

“Director Guo should have mentioned it to you just now.

Just now, the President of the group approved five mobile games, and I am the team leader of the ‘Fox Demon’ project team.”

“My name is Zhou Zhenghuang[1].”

Song Jinxi: “…” Feeling somewhat can’t help laughing.

What to do

Seeing her suppressed smiling face, Zhou Zhenghuang smiled without a care at all.

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His skin is very white, his eyes are big, and he smiles very brightly.

Song Jinxi felt a little embarrassed when she saw that he didn’t mind so much.

She hesitated for a while and apologized: “I am sorry, just now…”

Zhou Zhenghuang waved his hand.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.

Basically, people who hear my name for the first time have the same reaction.

They either in disbelief or laughing out loud.

If you try not to laugh, then you are giving consideration to my mood.”

The new team leader’s personality seems to be easy to get along with, so Song Jinxi couldn’t help but smile at him.

“You look so good when you smile.” After Zhou Zhenghuang finished speaking, he realized that it seemed a bit abrupt for him to say so.

He scratched the back of his head and turned his head a little embarrassedly.

He didn’t dare to look at Song Jinxi again and apologized to her instead: “I am sorry.

What I just said is the truth, and I didn’t mean to take liberties with you.”

This team leader seems a little cute.

“It’s okay.” Song Jinxi said with a smile.

“What about you Our superior only says that our team has a PC-side development engineer, but didn’t say what her name is.” Zhou Zhenghuang asked.

“My name is…” She paused a little bit: “Song Jinxi.”

She can’t just turn around and tell Zhou Zhenghuang that her name is ‘Su Xiuxiu’ after she told Guo Dawei that her name is ‘Song Jinxi’, right People will think that she is playing tricks on them, and they will also think that she has a split personality.

So, now she had no choice but to go the wrong way to the end.

“Song Jinxi, that’s a nice name.” Zhou Zhenghuang said: “I am 28 years old.

After graduating from Undergraduate and Master Degree, I joined Ximei.

Now I have been working in Ximei for two years and can even be regarded as an old employee of Ximei already.”

How old is he

Song Jinxi’s face is full of question marks.

After Zhou Zhenghuang introduced his age, he looked at Song Jinxi and waited for her reaction.

Seeing her look of disbelief, he smiled and said, “I am 28 this year.

Do I look very young”

Song Jinxi: “Well… ye, yeah.”

She thought he was only in his early twenties.

How does this man maintain his young look

Don’t they all say that programmers ‘grow old faster’ Why is he so well maintained

Song Jinxi even wanted to learn from him.

There is a little joke circulating among them programmers, which sounds humorous, but also very true.

——Xiao Ming, who studied IT, found a company after graduation.

The boss of the company said: “In our company, you can get faster growth than in other companies.”

——The boss is right.

[1] Zhou Zhenghuang: swaying all around.


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