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——Xiao Ming has worked in the company for three years and now he looks like a retired old man who has worked for 30 years.

This kind of connotative joke can only be understood by programmers who work overtime every day.

At first, it sounds a little funny.

But after thinking about it more carefully, there is only bitterness left.

Song Jinxi has a good foundation.

At the age of 25, a woman’s most dividing age, she does not look old at all.

With her current skin condition, as long as she maintains it a little, she can return to her 20-year-old appearance.

But many people who don’t have such a good foundation need to spend double the price to take care of their skin.

However, most of the programmers are men.

They are the kind that sometimes when they work overtime and finally have the time to go home, they directly go to sleep without even washing their face.

As a result, many programmers look much older than their peers.

“My skin is inherited from my mother.

Her skin is very fair.” Zhou Zhenghuang explained.

Song Jinxi followed his words and praised: “Then your mother must be very beautiful.”

Zhou Zhenghuang nodded: “She is very beautiful, and there are still middle-aged unmarried uncles that strike up a conversation with her on the road.”

As he spoke, he seemed to think of something, and he couldn’t help but smile before continuing to talk about himself.

“In fact, I am better now.

I am a 28 year old man anyway.

With the change of age, no one will say I am an attractive but not masculine young man anymore.

When I was still in college, they all liked to say I am the one who is on the bottom[1] …”

“I am obviously a straight man of steel.

What I love to see the most every day are beautiful young ladies.”

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Seeing the dissatisfied look on his face, Song Jinxi lowered her head and smiled.

It’s not a good thing for a boy to be too fair, just like this ‘little young’ team leader in front of her.

But then again, Shen Liuchen’s skin is actually very fair too.

Then why didn’t anyone say he is an attractive but not masculine young man

She is really thinking about it seriously.

Could it be that no one has the opportunity to say that about him

“We are going off topic.

Let’s not talk about this anymore.” Zhou Zhenghuang cleared his throat.

“Let me tell you more about our current situation again.”

Song Jinxi recovered her senses and nodded: “Okay.”

“I used to work in a female-oriented small mobile game development team, and I was also the project team leader.

After the order of the President came down today, I was selected by the superior as the team leader of the ‘Fox Demon’ project, and the other team members have not been selected yet.

That is to say, there are only the two of us in the entire project team.”

He said while smiling at Song Jinxi: “We are the veteran members of the ‘Fox Demon’ project.”

“This time, all the five games have been approved by the President.

You know the President, right”

Seeing his strong desire to talk, Song Jinxi nodded hesitantly.

“Speaking of the President, I can’t help but mention his glorious deeds.

He can be said to be the God in the hearts of our entire group!”

Song Jinxi can’t tell exactly what her current mood is like.

Seeing the radiant face of the man in front of her when he mentioned Shen Liuchen, she even feels a little ashamed of herself.

“He is only twenty-seven years old now, one year younger than me, but with his own strength and without any support, he has slowly developed the Jinyu Group into a world-class enterprise like this, with more than a dozen subsidiary companies and each of them is also a leader in their own industry.”

“Since the establishment of Jinyu Group, the company has experienced several crises.

Each time, he made a decision at a critical moment and led the entire group through that crisis.

His decision has never failed.”

[1] on the bottom position, in a relationship between male and male.

Sorry, the translator doesn’t know the term for BL.

Enlighten me, please.


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