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“So, this time, when he ordered five games to be developed at the same time, we, Ximei, became the most eye-catching existence in the entire group company.

Now, when you are with people from other subsidiary companies, as long as you say you are from ‘Ximei’, they will definitely look at you with envious eyes.”

Song Jinxi couldn’t help laughing: “Is it so exaggerated”

If it weren’t for the fact that Shen Liuchen’s ability in the business market was also described in the original novel, and knowing that he is indeed a legend in the business market, Song Jinxi might think that Zhou Zhenghuang’s crazy worship of Shen Liuchen might be because Jinyu Group has brainwashed him.

All along, she has been able to successfully stand by Shen Liuchen’s side and even enjoy his tenderness, so she almost forgot that her man is the God in the business market.

Now that she is a little farther away from him, and listening to others brag about him like this, she feels that her vanity has been greatly satisfied.

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——Don’t you know

——The God in your hearts, he hugs me and kisses me tenderly every day.

Similar thoughts flooded her mind.

This great sense of satisfaction was something she had never experienced before.

It makes her feel good.

Even the fact that Shen Liuchen secretly tricked her was temporarily forgotten by her.

She just listened wholeheartedly to Zhou Zhenghuang’s boasting.

“The President said that we should focus on the development of the ‘Demon Fox’ project.

Originally, I thought that I would not be involved in such a project that was highlighted by the President.

Unexpectedly, the project team I was in charge of before brought me such a big surprise.” Zhou Zhenghuang said: “Now that you have joined our project team, when the game is launched in the future, your hands will definitely turn weak from counting the dividend at the end of the year.”

Song Jinxi smiled and said: “I am really lucky then.”

Zhou Zhenghuang also smiled and gave her a booing gesture, “Remember not to be too public.

It will easily cause imbalances in other groups’ hearts.”

Song Jinxi nodded politely.

Zhou Zhenghuang also turned slightly serious and continued: “The other team members will be placed here within a week.

The ‘Fox Demon’ project will be officially launched before next Friday.”

“So, in the next week, while accepting new team members, I will take time to show you the team’s culture and the company’s culture.

Then you can start working after you have integrated into our group.

The new office area will be planned tomorrow, and then we will go to the new office area.”

“Today I will take you to my original project team first.”

“As I mentioned to you just now, my original project team did female-oriented small games.

And for this reason, there are also many girls in our team, and it is the project team with the highest proportion of women in the entire company.

For a whole day today, you can ask them if you have something that you still don’t understand.

Even if you will not be in the same team in the future with them, you can still be friends with them.”

“But you have to be careful with those outside the group.”

“There is no clear regional planning between the groups, but everyone knows who their own members are.

Our group is sandwiched in the middle by several other groups, which is in the middle of the office area.

The front, back, left and right groups are basically all men.”

“It’s also because of this that the people from other groups like to come to our group when they have nothing to do, and tease a few young ladies.

After you come, if you find that they come to talk to you when they have nothing to do, just ignore them.”


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