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“Those stinky men just want to find a chance to chat with you, but because of their extremely low EQ, they can always easily bore you to death with their talk.

Even as a man, I look down on it.”

“Sometimes when they want to make a confession, they even rack their brains to write a piece of code for you to run.

But the young ladies in our group are more on the artistic side, and there is basically no one who can do the coding…”

“To sum up, there are a lot of single dogs in the company now.”

Zhou Zhenghuang said a lot of precautions and finally, he looked at Song Jinxi and gave her a summary:

“Don’t talk to stinky men from other groups easily.”

“Even if you are looking for a boyfriend, you should first consider those inside your group first.

There are many outstanding single young men in our group, and the company does not prohibit romantic relationships between colleagues…” After he finished speaking, he paused and looked at Song Jinxi with some expectation, and asked: “Do you have a boyfriend”

“Well…” Song Jinxi was silent for a moment and then raised her hand.

Showing off the diamond ring in her hand.

She and Shen Liuchen got the marriage certificate last Monday, but the diamond ring didn’t appear in her hand until yesterday.

Shen Liuchen said that he designed it himself.

The design was already completed as early as five years ago, but design drawings were kept in the safe until she appeared.

He took it out from the safe and handed it over to the professional designer in his jewelry subsidiary company to make it.

Although the designer rushed to make it overnight, it still took several days to finish making it.

The diamond on it is not very big, but the color is very beautiful, kind of like the sky blue color.

She also likes the style of diamond ring very much.

The diamond ring was sent to their apartment the night before yesterday.

Shen Liuchen didn’t tell her, but secretly put it on her while she was sleeping.

After she found it, he threatened her to not take it off at will.

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Song Jinxi likes this diamond ring.

What’s more, it is the proof that they are together now, so of course she won’t take it off.

At the same time, she also put the ring for Shen Liuchen on him and asked him to always wear this diamond ring at any time to indicate that he was already married.

Let the heart of those women who want to hook up with him die as soon as possible.

Song Jinxi knows that Shen Liuchen is very popular on social platforms.

He has hundreds of thousands of fans who consider themselves as his wife.

When Zhou Zhenghuang saw the diamond ring, his face suddenly stiffened.

Then he let out a long sigh.

“Sure enough, the good-looking young ladies all belong to other’s already.

Which beast moves so fast You were only twenty-five years old and he already dragged you into the grave of marriage.

It’s really too much…”

“It makes people like us have no chance at all.

It’s too beastly!”

Song Jinxi held back a smile and wanted to tell him that he actually knew the beast, and it was the person he had madly worshiped just now.

The level of that person’s beastly behavior is far beyond the imagination of mortals.

She was taken directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau on the first day of her appearance.

Zhou Zhenghuang sighed deeply.

“Really sorrowful…”

“What have we programmers done wrong We work overtime every day, isn’t it to create more fun games for everyone As a result, we have to suffer the pain of not having a girlfriend.

And even after we managed to get a girlfriend, because we often work overtime and don’t have time to accompany her, we are cuckolded instead.”

“Never mind not having a girlfriend, but we are still facing the danger of middle-aged baldness…”

Song Jinxi listened to his complaints three times in a row, and it made her more sure about his funny attribute.

With such a team leader, the days to come should not be so difficult, as long as she can complete her work in time.

Thinking of this, Song Jinxi also breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.


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