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Maybe because he wanted to introduce the current situation of their group to her as much as possible, Zhou Zhenghuang didn’t walk very fast.

It can even be said that he has been walking slowly with Song Jinxi.

When the introduction was almost complete, they finally came to a large glass door.

Zhou Zhenghuang stopped at the entrance and turned to look at Song Jinxi.

“We are about to enter the big office soon.

Are you still nervous now” He asked.

Song Jinxi was suddenly stunned

Could it be that his attribute just now is not the real one

Maybe he is not so fond of small talk, but to make her not nervous, he deliberately finds her topic to chat with so as to let her feel relaxed

Then, that’s too considerate too, right

She smiled at Zhou Zhenghuang.

“I am not nervous anymore.

Thank you.”

When Zhou Zhenghuang looked at her smile, his face was imperceptibly stunned.

He lowered his head and touched the tip of his nose to hide the dull look in his eyes

When he raised his head again, he had recovered his former peaceful appearance.

He said to Song Jinxi: “You should always smile when you have nothing to do in the future.

Sometimes even if we can’t write the code, we will feel better when we see you smiling.”

The considerate young team leader’s mouth is like honey, which is completely different from Song Jinxi’s former male colleagues.

Only then did Song Jinxi let go of her former prejudice.

In fact, programmers are not necessarily all straight men, but she has never met such a warm little brother.

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“Do you think I talk too much” Zhou Zhenghuang said, pushing the door open and motioning Song Jinxi to enter first.

When Song Jinxi entered the door, he followed behind her.

“Of course not.” Song Jinxi shook her head and said: “I was really a little nervous at first.

After all, I just arrived in a new environment, but after talking to you so much, I feel less nervous now and I even look forward to the next work.”

“I haven’t asked you what you developed before.” Zhou Zhenghuang asked again.

“A purchasing system.” Song Jinxi replied: “I am responsible for the development of the bottom framework and relatively difficult interaction.

There is no communication with the demand side.

I am all alone at the workstation.”

Zhou Zhenghuang nodded thoughtfully, “Then you are amazing.”

“My colleagues are all relatively old-fashioned young men, so when I came into contact with you for the first time today, I thought the working atmosphere was very relaxed.

I like it very much.” Song Jinxi said.

Zhou Zhenghuang smiled, “Generally, for those who develop a purchasing system like you, there should be a lot of older programmers too, right”

Song Jinxi nodded, not understanding what he meant by this.

“The development process of the purchasing system can even be said to be boring, and it is normal for the entire team to be relatively boring.” Zhou Zhenghuang explained.

After he explained, he added: “Game developers like us are different.

Although there will be one or two R&D senior programmers in the group, most of them are composed of young people.

Everyone likes to play games, so there are more topics and the working atmosphere is more relaxed.”

Song Jinxi said: “I like this working environment very much, and I will do my best.”

“I have already submitted the application for your office equipment.

It’s just that, when you get the computer, you need to sign it yourself.

Just wait at your workstation for a while and when the colleague who goes to help you apply for the computer comes back, he will take you to get the computer.

Other office supplies will be delivered directly to your desk by other colleagues.”

After Zhou Zhenghuang finished speaking, he sent Song Jinxi to her seat and left.

It seems like he is busy with something else.


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