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ABTC Chapter 41.10

“The President and the boss of Node Network have a bit of a grudge.

Moreover, Ximei and Node are also competitors, so we can’t be sure now whether Node is lying or there is a real problem on your side.” Guo Dawei said.

Song Jinxi: “You are right, I can understand it very well…”

Guo Dawei raised his hand to signal her not to speak and said: “Don’t explain it to me first.”

Song Jinxi became anxious.

Is this going to directly fire her


She just joined the company today and she also hasn’t sat long enough yet on the gaming chair.

Guo Dawei said: “The President wants to see you, so hurry up and go there.”

Only then did Song Jinxi finally breathe a sigh of relief.

She said sorry to Guo Dawei, bowed her head and silently walked out of the small office and then out of the big office.

Then she silently went into the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door closed, she couldn’t help grinding her teeth.


The members of the secretary group watched as their boss’ wife hurried past in anger in front of them and went straight to the president’s office.

Each and every one of them smelled the smell of adultery.

After Song Jinxi walked past them, they opened the company’s internal chat software one by one.

[Woof Woof Commando]

“What’s going on with the boss’ wife”

“Why does she look unhappy and seem to want to settle accounts with the President”

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“No matter what it is, I want to watch the scene… Ah! All this time, only the President has the ability to invisibly put the opponent to KO with his indifferent and imposing manner.

In my lifetime, will I still have the opportunity to see the President shriveled in front of others “

“I also want to know.”

“Want to know 1”

“I suddenly envy that dog, Jian Weiwen.

I want to be a personal assistant, too.”

“@Jian Weiwen, come out!”

“@Jian Weiwen, come out!”

“@Jian Weiwen, come out!”

Jian Weiwen: “…”

Jian Weiwen: “You guys wouldn’t want to know.”

Jian Weiwen: “The President is a typical representative of a wife slave at home.

Wherever his wife wants to go, he basically carries his wife directly and is not willing to let her walk on the ground.

Looking at the appearance of the timid and loveable little woman in his arms, you don’t know how painful I feel.”

Jian Weiwen: “The president will even accompany his wife to the supermarket.

You all have never imagined it, right The God in the entire Jinyu’s heart actually has the day to go to the supermarket too.

I followed them that day and saw his wife buying things in the front and he was pushing a cart in the back.

Those inadvertent eyes are so gentle that… hiss… It made my teeth feel sour.”

Jian Weiwen: “I originally pushed that cart, but it was snatched by the President.

Maybe he doesn’t want a light bulb to disturb their sweet two-person world…”

Jian Weiwen: “I should be under the car, not in the car.”

The group was silent for a long time.

Jian Weiwen: “Have you all received your salary now How many houses have you bought with your salary Have you still not found someone who can spend all your salary and give you more motivation to make money every day”



I can’t spend all of my monthly salary and there’s still a year-end bonus.

In addition to buying a house and investing, there is no girlfriend who is pestering me to buy things.”

“When can a sweet girl pester me, call me husband, and let me empty the shopping cart for her”

“Forget it.

Perhaps in your next life.”

Their conversation was in full swing and Song Jinxi didn’t know about it at all.

Restraining her facial expression, she went to the President’s office and opened the door directly.

Fortunately, Shen Liuchen happened to be alone in the office.

Song Jinxi closed the door.

Shen Liuchen was sitting behind his desk reading documents.

He found that there was no knocking at the door, but the door was directly opened, so he guessed that it was Song Jinxi who entered.


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