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ABTC Chapter 42.1

Song Jinxi slowly retreated to the window.

There was only a slight opening in the window, and a cool wind blew in, dispersing the small resentment and anger in her heart.

Thirty-three-story high-rise buildings are already considered tall in X City.

Standing in front of the window and looking into the distance, one can almost take the whole X city into their eyes.

The feeling of stepping on the whole city arises spontaneously.

However, Song Jinxi only glanced at it and didn’t take another look again.

The main point now is to stare at Shen Liuchen, so as to let him come up with a solution as quickly as possible.

Coincidentally, when she looked at Shen Liuchen, her eyes directly met Shen Liuchen’s eyes because he had been looking at her.

Seeing her casting her eyes over, his thin lips opened slightly, as if he wanted to say something.

Song Jinxi seemed to have guessed what he was going to say and hurriedly made a gesture to let him stop.

“The relationship between the two of us must not be exposed.” She said, “If you want to oppress them through my status as ‘the President’s wife’ and make them stop paying attention to the matter about my name, this route will not work.

I refuse.”

Shen Liuchen rubbed his forehead.

He and Song Jinxi have discussed several times about concealing her identity and working at the bottom of the company.

Song Jinxi’s attitude has always been very firm about this matter.

She just wants to experience work as an ordinary person and doesn’t want to live in the attention of others every day.

It’s just that the place where she wants to work is crowded with men.

If he can’t declare sovereignty and make her identity public, with her appearance and character, it will definitely attract the attention of many men.

Just thinking about how she would be surrounded by those men, while he needs to sit here alone…

Shen Liuchen sighed softly, and could only retreat to the second route.

“If you don’t want to announce the marriage, just say that you are the adopted daughter of the Su family.” He said.

Song Jinxi thought for a moment: “You mean…”

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“Just say that your parents and my parents are old friends, and your real name is ‘Song Jinxi’, but your parents died when you were still young, and you were adopted by the Su family.

Therefore, you also have a name called Su Xiuxiu, and so is your ID card.”

Song Jinxi: “… It’s just a statement to the people in the company, right Do we have to tell my parents in the Su family too”

Shen Liuchen’s eyes flashed slightly.

Judging from his contact with Song Jinxi in the past few days, Song Jinxi was very secretive about her parents in her original world, and basically never mentioned them.

He remembered when they were still in their second year of high school, she said that her parents divorced as early as when she was ten years old, and then they formed a new family again by themselves…

In other words, she was also alone in her original world.

Not much better than him.

But now, she seems to be closer to the Su parents.

When she came to this world, in addition to wanting to be with him, did she ever want to find the warmth of home that she didn’t have there

Similar to him, he also had a deep desire to have a warm home.

Since Song Jinxi was reluctant to easily give up this unreal but warm family affection, he naturally wouldn’t destroy their relationship.

What’s more, when he had his first contact with the Su parents, the two elders really cared about Song Jinxi…

Not only will he not let Song Jinxi break up with the two elders, he will even respect the Su parents as her real parents.

“This rhetoric will only be told to the people of the company.

In the end, even if the Su——even if Father-in-law and Mother-in-law know about it, your biological parents have passed away, and they will always be your parents.

It will not affect your relationship with them.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi lowered her head and kicked the carpet under her feet.

She always felt that Shen Liuchen seemed to see through her mind.


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