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After exposing her nature, she seemed to be more and more like a young girl, which made him feel that the psychological age difference between the two of them is getting bigger and bigger.

But, this is fine too.

He can dote on her more, hold her in the palm of his hand and spoil her.

His eyes rested on her pink lips for a moment, followed the graceful line of her lower jaw, and landed on her long and slender white neck.

The fair and delicate skin is like a piece of moist white jade, and it is so seducing that it makes his heart feel itchy.

“Still not enough.” His voice was a little hoarse, and his body involuntarily approached her.

Song Jinxi hurriedly put her hands on his chest to stop his movements.

“Please stop your sexual harassment, President Shen.” Song Jinxi said righteously, “We are now in a relationship between ordinary employees and the President.

It’s wrong for you to harass me in the office like this.

I don’t accept unspoken rules.”

Shen Liuchen’s movement paused and he slightly narrowed his eyes at her.

“The two kisses just now are the interest I paid.

The rest will be discussed when I go home in the evening.

Tonight, if you are a man, do it until the last step.

Don’t always stop at an important juncture.” She showed a provocative look and said: “I don’t even stop you from using condoms, but I also don’t know what you are taboo about.”

After she finished saying so, she even rolled her eyes at him.

Then she reached for the landline telephone on the desk and handed it to him.

“Call Guo Dawei up.

I still have to go back and have a good relationship with my new colleagues.”

The charming atmosphere was completely dispelled by her.

Shen Liuchen took the telephone resignedly, but stopped the dialing movement when he saw the time on the telephone.

“It’s eleven o’clock already.

Shall we go to lunch first”

Song Jinxi thought about it carefully: “The company stipulates that the employee should only have a break at 11:30…”

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In fact, it’s already good to be able to have a break at 11:30.

She used to have a break at 12:00 in her former company, and only had an hour and a half of rest time at noon.

At that time, she thought it was nothing.

Maybe because it was her first job, so there was no comparison at all and she would strictly abide by any regulations of the company.

And because she is surrounded by male colleagues at that time, she seldom chats and only concentrates on writing code every day.

Even if she has a break time, she is racing against time to play games and do tasks, so she has no way to know the situation of other companies through the communication between her colleagues.

Only occasionally, she works more because there is something that has to be done.

She may even work until about one o’clock and she has no time to go out for a meal anymore.

So she can only order a takeout and wait for the food in hunger.

When the takeout arrived, she took it secretly into a small conference room that is less frequently visited, and quickly solved the lunch problem.

Later, the second job she found, which was the company she didn’t have time to go to, was also in the purchasing system and the employees there were also not as young and humanized as the employees in this game company.

Beside the welfare benefits and the salary of the second company that were much better than that of her first company, they also pressed for more working hours from the employees.

There was also only an hour and a half of break time at noon.

However, despite this, Song Jinxi at that time still felt that after she had stayed in a company for a long time, she seemed to have become a person who had a small vision and little knowledge.

Now, after reading Ximei’s employee code, the more she feels that she really had a small vision and little knowledge.

Sure enough, the better the company, the better the treatment, and the more humanized the management of employees.

The lunch break of Ximei company is two hours, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.


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