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It wasn’t until Shen Liuchen showed a card that the clerk seemed a little nervous and led them into the elevator.

The elevator goes straight up to the third floor.

This Japanese food restaurant is very large.

The first level is a self-service style of all-you-can-eat for the general public.

The price per person is not cheap, but as long as you can ensure that you can eat so much, you will basically not lose too much.

The decoration on the second floor is more atmospheric.

It looks like it is aimed at the medium and high consumer groups.

The environment looks much cleaner than that downstairs.

It is suitable for couples’ dating and small gatherings between friends.

Of course, Song Jinxi also saw several people who came to enjoy delicious food alone.

The third floor is for the private rooms.

The waiter led them into the innermost room.

After taking care of them for a while, he handed the electronic menu to the two of them, said “Please wait a minute” and withdrew.

Song Jinxi flipped through the menu and felt that the photos of various snacks on it looked very appetizing, not to mention those main dishes such as sushi and salmon.

She checked the selection on the screen, and asked without raising her head: “I like to eat Japanese food, but I don’t eat much.

I still prefer home-cooked food for my daily diet.

It doesn’t feel very profitable if you just open a Japanese food restaurant alone here…”

When she checked the salmon, she thought of some small details about the time he ate Japanese food with her.

At that time, he and she ordered a salmon each.

But for his share, he only ate one slice and didn’t continue eating it anymore.

It was her who solved the rest.

It can be seen that he is not very interested in Japanese food.

She is even more confused now.

“At that time, you didn’t seem to like raw and cold food very much.” She said.

Then why open such a restaurant

It doesn’t feel like he depends on this to make money either.

The profit of all the Jinyu Group’s companies in one month should be comparable to the one-year turnover of this restaurant, right

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“Those restaurants outside are not clean and their food sources cannot be guaranteed.

I am not at ease.” Shen Liuchen’s voice was indifferent.

Song Jinxi’s movement of ordering the food stopped.

This is too… warm too, right

Just because she likes to eat it, even if she doesn’t eat much, he also wants to open a restaurant for her.

Not to mention that when he opened this restaurant, she was not by his side and might not even come back…

But he just opened the restaurant.

It’s all just for the day when she really came back, so that he could let her eat at ease.

…She can’t continue thinking about it anymore.

If she keeps thinking about it, she will be too moved to eat.

Song Jinxi gave a silent “Um” and asked unintentionally, “But you don’t like raw and cold food very much.

This restaurant is also an authentic Japanese restaurant, and there are no hot dishes…”

She thought for a while, “Anyway, you are the owner of this shop.

How about…ordering them to make some hot dishes for you to eat”

Shen Liuchen: “No need.”

“I can’t let you ignore yourself just to satisfy me.” Song Jinxi wrinkled her small nose and was a little reluctant.

There was a table between the two of them, but Shen Liuchen’s hand was long enough to reach out and touch her head.

He rubbed her little head.

“Have you heard of the word ‘beautiful enough to feast the eyes’”

Song Jinxi: “I am serious!”

Shen Liuchen: “I am also very serious.”

Song Jinxi looked at his paralyzed face and found that he really seemed a little ‘serious’ and she was really speechless.


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