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“I… may also get married in two years, it’s just that… Can you show me your diamond ring It seems pretty good.”

“Ah! It’s really beautiful.” Song Jinxi raised her hand and showed her diamond ring in front of Guo Dawei: “But this diamond ring was designed by my husband himself before he asked a professional to customize it strictly according to the proportion he designed.

Even if you like it… you may not be able to buy the same style.”

Guo Dawei:… It’s exactly the same.

Okay, he probably knows it now.

Thinking about his performance in front of the President just now, he almost wanted to travel back through time and space to kill himself at that time.

He even dared to show that kind of look to the President’s wife in front of the President himself.

He actually dared!!!

He even thought that the President’s wife has low EQ and doesn’t know how to read people’s facial expressions.

It seemed that when he threw a significant look at Song Jinxi twice, the President made a voice to stop him…

In other words, the President saw all his little moves…

What! A! Heartache! And! Headache!

Guo Dawei couldn’t understand why the two of them concealed the marriage news.

The President doesn’t seem to dislike Song Jinxi.

On the contrary, Song Jinxi’s name can explain many problems.

At that time when Song Jinxi introduced her name, he joked that Song Jinxi has a predestined relationship with their company.

‘Jinyu’ and ‘Ximei’.

The letters of ‘Jin’ and ‘Xi’.

There are also many other subsidiaries in the group, such as Xiyu Shopping Mall, Ximei Pharmaceutical Company, and so on and so on…

In the past, when he chatted with his colleagues and discussed the naming of the group company and its various subsidiaries, he even guessed whether the President has a White Moonlight[1].

Another example is, maybe there is a ‘Xi’ in the White Moonlight’s name.

Jinyu Group was founded ten years ago.

Song Jinxi said that she and the President had been in a long-distance relationship for ten years.

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But Song Jinxi worked at Node before, which was still in the same X City with the President… How did they fall into a long-distance relationship category

Guo Dawei tilted his head and felt that things were not so simple.

In such a short time, he even made up a 30 episode love TV series already.

For example, the President and his White Moonlight had been together when they were young, but they were separated for various reasons after that.

Originally, they thought that the youthful and beautiful love would end in regret, but in the end, it was unable to resist the turning of the gears of fate, and the two went round and round before they finally met again.

As soon as they met, it was as if the dry firewood met the fire.

They let go of the old grievances and resentments, and walked into the grave of marriage hand in hand for the sake of ‘perishing together’ in the name of love.

It’s too touching.

What a beautiful love story!

But then again, why did Song Jinxi hide her identity as the President’s wife

Even in the President’s office, she pretended to be unfamiliar with the President.

If it wasn’t for the President rubbing his forehead unintentionally, letting him see the diamond ring…

Wait a minute…

Did the President just… really… ‘unintentionally’ rubbing his forehead…

Guo Dawei couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

He was still thinking when a hand waved in front of his eyes.

Remembering that Song Jinxi was still by his side, Guo Dawei suddenly returned to his senses.

Song Jinxi waited for him to look over before she withdrew her hand.

Then she looked at him curiously.


The author has something to say:

Guo Dawei: I may have to take the initiative to resign.

[1]White Moonlight: usually refers to the unreachable person/unforgettable first love.


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