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Guo Dawei pinched the tip of his nose.

“Well… I’m sorry to be distracted just now.

What did you say”

Just then, the elevator made a ‘ding’ sound.

They have arrived.

Guo Dawei originally wanted to go out first, but at the thought of Song Jinxi’s identity, he abruptly stopped and let Song Jinxi go first.

Song Jinxi only thought he was a gentleman and obediently stepped out of the elevator first.

She actually didn’t think much at all.

When they got out of the elevator, the two walked side by side and walked towards the door of Song Jinxi’s office together.

“What I am asking is, you two are going to get married in two years, but you have already started choosing diamond rings now” Song Jinxi said.

“It doesn’t matter whether you choose it sooner or later.

Anyway, it’s all fine as long as I choose it before I get married.” Guo Dawei said.

Song Jinxi nodded thoughtfully.

When they walked to the door’s access control, because Song Jinxi’s work card and access control card had not been completed yet, Guo Dawei took the initiative to take out his access control card to help her open the door.

He took the lead to open the glass door and let Song Jinxi enter first.

Seeing his gentlemanly demeanor, Song Jinxi had to walk in silently.

After walking two steps forwards, she found that there seemed to be no footsteps sound behind her.

When she looked back, the glass door had been closed and there was no one behind her.

Song Jinxi: “…”

She still doesn’t seem to understand Guo Dawei very well.

Then she thought about it again.

He is the director, so maybe he left first because of something urgent.

She finally found a reason for Guo Dawei in her heart.

When she returned to her desk, the computer, mouse and keyboard on her desk had already been installed.

The computer was even locked.

It seemed that it should have been turned on and tested.

Song Jinxi sat happily in her seat.

As soon as she hit the Enter key to turn on the computer, she heard a sarcastic voice from behind her.

“Does the company recruit people based on their looks Did they recruit such a vase to our group to be a life model for the original painting”

Song Jinxi remembered that Zhou Zhenghuang had said that the place she is in now, is the place where his previous game group was.

The ‘Fox Demon’ project team has not been formed yet.

In other words, the only person they can call a ‘new employee’ on their side now is her alone.

Is that person with a sharp, thin voice and a sarcastic ambiguity, talking about her

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She had just put her hand on the keyboard for a while and the corner of her eye already saw a male colleague next to her turn around.

The chairs of all employees in the office are gaming chairs, which are easy to move and rotate.

The company equips each employee with such a high-end office chair, in addition to giving programmers better working conditions, there should also be a factor that facilitates their communication at work.

There are four seats in their row.

The male colleague sits on the far left and the outermost seat.

There is another male colleague, whose skin was a little darker, between Song Jinxi and him.

There is no one on her right side and it seems that the person hasn’t appeared from beginning to end since she came, and she doesn’t know where that person went to either.

But there is a computer and many office appliances on that desk, which proves that the seat is not empty.

“Say, Xu Lili, why do you love to displease others so much” Said the man who turned around.

Song Jinxi heard the woman named Xu Lili behind her sneered and continued to say in a strange tone: “What’s the matter, Chen Zhiwei Are you already rushing to be a flower escort on her first day of working today May I ask what strength can a vase like her have to be able to enter Ximei”

“I heard Zhou Zhenghuang said that she still develops PC programs.

That means I will have to work with this person in the future, which won’t affect you, so you can just help her talk without putting yourself in my shoes and only talk eloquently, right In the future, if she can’t write any code out, you can write it for her instead, okay Don’t come asking me to help her.”

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