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“This kind of vase, which is only suitable for seeing and not suitable for using, can only be useful in bed.

Where else do you expect her to be useful”

She said with a sneer: “I am really curious who is the person whose sperm has invaded the brain and dares to commit a crime against the wind at this time Now the President is so strict, but there are still people who dare to plug people into the company.

Perhaps that person doesn’t want to work here anymore, right”

Song Jinxi leaned back on the gaming chair, tapped her toes gently, and turned around.

The person named Xu Lili should have been waiting to see her face.

When Song Jinxi turned around, she just met her gaze.

It was obvious that there was a trace of jealousy in her eyes.

Today is their first meeting.

It can be judged from Xu Lili’s words that the two of them will be responsible for the development of the ‘Fox Demon’ PC official website and official forum together in the future.

But if that’s the case, Xu Lili shouldn’t be so hostile to herself…

So, the jealousy in her eyes just now can probably infer the reason

This woman should be jealous that she looks better than her.

“I am sorry, I didn’t hear clearly just now.

How did you say I got into the company” Song Jinxi frowned slightly at Xu Lili and asked.

If she looks in the mirror now, she should be surprised to find that she is a bit like Shen Liuchen when she asks in a restrained manner.

Xu Lili rolled her eyes and snorted again.

“I’ve never seen such a shameless thing who can only get in by sleeping with the senior in the company and can’t even be presented on the stage.

I’ve said it once, but she even shamelessly said that she didn’t hear it clearly and asked me to repeat it again.” She said, and then rolled her white eyes at Song Jinxi: “Are you afraid that the people in the company won’t know what disgraceful means you used to get in Do you want me to play gongs and drums to help you publicize it”

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Song Jinxi smiled.

Her means of entering the company is really disgraceful, but if she tells who the backer behind her is, it is guaranteed to scare the little bitch in front of her to death.

And Song Jinxi didn’t want to take Shen Liuchen’s name out at all.

In her previous job, she was surrounded by men, and there were no women who could let her experience the atmosphere of intrigue in the workplace.

Now that she just arrived at this company, she only wanted to work hard and make herself worthy of the salary.

Unexpectedly, such a person would come to her door to be her toy.

Song Jinxi is not afraid of anything now.

After all, she is someone who has a backer and her background is hard.

She is not afraid of fighting with Xu Lili at all.

No one will blame her if she wins the fight too.

After all, it was Xu Lili who mocked her first.

If she loses the fight, there will be Shen Liuchen standing behind her.

With Shen Liuchen’s extremely protective personality, she was worried that Xu Lili would end up badly instead in the future.

She actually has no worries at all.

Thinking like this made her even more eager.

Song Jinxi made a ‘please’ gesture: “Then, please prepare the gongs and drums now and help me publicize it, okay”

Xu Lili was so angry that her eyebrows stood up.

“You——!” She stretched out her hand and pointed her finger at Song Jinxi, then turned speechless for a while.

“Why are you still standing here Don’t you want to beat gongs and drums Hurry up and get ready!” Song Jinxi smiled at her angry appearance and spontaneously felt a sense of accomplishment.

She continued to stimulate Xu Lili: “Don’t tell me you’re just joking.

You’ll make me look down on you.

We are all adults already so you have to do what you say, Sister.”


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