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If this happened in the past, if she had met such a colleague before, she would most likely choose to patch up the quarrel and reconcile with the other party.

Less trouble is much better than more trouble.

After all, she was alone in this society and had no one to rely on.

If she was really wronged, no one would help her out.

But now, for the first time she scolds people face to face, she was surprised to find that her skills seemed to be pretty good.

Not the legendary idiot.

She even thought she could be better than this.

She may not win if it’s a physical fight, but if it’s arguing, she definitely won’t lose.

Xu Lili was so angry that she pointed at Song Jinxi for a while, but she still couldn’t think of how to fight the other party back.

In the end, she could only stomped her feet and say: “Shameless.” Then she turned around.

Pretend to tidy up the table and take the opportunity to smash the things on the table, making banging sounds.

Song Jinxi made a small ‘tsk’ sound and when she turned her chair back, her eyes swept over the male colleague named Chen Zhiwei who was sitting on the far left.

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Seeing her looking over, Chen Zhiwei gave her a thumbs up.

Song Jinxi smiled at him.

Chen Zhiwei seemed to be stunned and lowered his head in embarrassment.

The male colleagues she has been in contact with from the past to the present are all typical programmers.

Although they were dull and straight, and were also very unsophisticated, they were sometimes cute too.

Not like Shen Liuchen at all.

Since she admitted her identity last week, Shen Liuchen’s flirting ability has risen as fast as riding a rocket.

She can’t match it at all.

Many times, she is easily blushed by him, and she can only beg for mercy in his hand.

It’s not as refreshing as her home field when she was still a sophomore in high school.

She sat in her seat and played with the computer for a while.

Several developed softwares were already installed on the desktop, all of which she was familiar with.

After a while, the corner of her eye seemed to see the darker male colleague on the left looking at her.

Song Jinxi turned to look at him and the male colleague who was peeking at her was caught head on.

He smiled at her, showing a simple and honest smile.

“Hello, my name is Cai Huiyang.”

As he said so, he handed his work card to Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi glanced at the words on it, and introduced herself to him: “My name is Song Jinxi, Jin as in beautiful brocade (Jin xiu), Xi as in things (dong Xi).”

Before Cai Huiyang could speak, Chen Zhiwei, who was on the side, came up and boasted:

“Song Jinxi, what a good name!”

Song Jinxi also smiled at him.

Chen Zhiwei was almost killed by her smile again.

He scratched the back of his head and said shyly: “In the future, don’t introduce yourself with ‘Jin as in beautiful brocade’ or ‘Xi as in things’ anymore.

Just say ‘Jin as in Jinyu’ and ‘Xi as in Ximei’.

Others will definitely give you a thumbs up when you say it.

Your name is too powerful.”

Before Song Jinxi could speak, Xu Lili, who sat behind them, spoke again.

“It’s really so funny.

Cai Huiyang and Song Jinxi are performing the first meeting of a dwarf and Snow White.

But what are you doing, Chen Zhiwei”

Song Jinxi looked back at her and found that the person didn’t turn her head back and look at them when she spoke.

She looked at Cai Huiyang again and found that Cai Huiyang’s expression was a little embarrassed.

This Xu Lili not only likes to be jealous of people who are better-looking than her, but also likes to personally attack people who are not so good-looking directly.

It’s really too disgusting.

“Although Snow White looks very beautiful, everyone who knows the story knows that Snow White looks like the purest thing in the world only on the surface.

How dirty it is underneath, only a certain person knows it.”


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