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“And the dwarf.”

“The dwarf is short, ugly and has very dark skin.

He can only be used as a spare tire for others and he won’t even know it when he has become the stepfather of his Goddess’ child.

What’s the point of him being alive then If I was so ugly, I would have had plastic surgery long ago, and I wouldn’t want to live with such grievances.”

In just a few sentences, it connoted Song Jinxi as the Snow White who looks beautiful but actually filthy in private, and also directly attacked Cai Huiyang as a dark and ugly dwarf.

With such a poisonous mouth, she can actually still stay in this team.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help but be very curious.

No matter what, she must vent this anger for herself today.

This can be said as her first confrontation with Xu Lili now, and she cannot lose the game.

“So that’s why, although you already had plastic surgery, you don’t seem to look very good either.

Is it because your foundation is too bad, or that plastic surgery hospital is not good” Song Jinxi said.

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Xu Lili to answer, she answered it herself: “It should be the former.”

After saying this, she indeed saw Xu Lili turn around and glared at her with a gloomy face.

Song Jinxi, however, took time to look at her face carefully for a while, until Xu Lili couldn’t help but want to take a mirror to see if there was anything stuck on her face.

Or is her makeup smudged

Xu Lili couldn’t sit still for a while.

Then, she saw Song Jinxi shake her head and commented: “The lower eyelids are made like eye bags, and the nose is so padded… The powder on your face is also so thick.

Did you learn this makeup technique from a mortician”

Chen Zhiwei next to her showed his due respect by making a ‘pfft’ sound and then laughed directly.

Xu Lili’s originally ugly face suddenly became even more ugly.

She looked at Song Jinxi resentfully, gritted her teeth and said: “Bitch!”

Song Jinxi scratched her ears: “Who is the bitch talking about”

“Talking about you!” Xu Lili said immediately.

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“Oh, it turns out that a bitch was talking about me.” Song Jinxi made a ‘tsk’ sound and said, “That’s really unlucky.

Why did I meet a bitch on my first day of work”

Xu Lili feels flustered and exasperated: “You——”

Song Jinxi smiled at her, “I didn’t expect you to be quite self-aware and know that you are a bitch.”

Chen Zhiwei, who has been watching the excitement from the side, applauded as if it wasn’t a big thing.

“You wait, I will report you to the group’s company.” Xu Lili said and began to threaten Song Jinxi: “I’d like to see who recruited you, and then see the two of you getting kicked out of Jinyu together.”

Song Jinxi was completely unmoved: “You are free to do whatever you want.”

Xu Lili also knew that she had encountered a tough stubble today.

She couldn’t win an argument with Song Jinxi, so she can only glare at her and turn back.

Song Jinxi didn’t intend to let her go so easily.

“By the way.” She said with a lazy voice.

When she said this sentence, she suddenly realized that her current behavior, as well as the voice and intonation of her speech, seemed to be somewhat similar to Shen Liuchen.

She seems to have been infected with some of his habits unconsciously.

“I don’t know what caused you to have such a big prejudice against your same-sex.

Maybe your family has engaged in this kind of profession, or maybe… you have even traded your body with others to gain some benefits.”

“But I still want to say that, just because you, yourself are a… you can’t judge that women all over the world are as dirty as you.”

Song Jinxi said slowly.

The calmer her tone was, the deeper the irony was when it stopped in Xu Lili’s ear.


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