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Xu Lili looked at a place not far away, with her back to them, and the pen in her hand was almost broken by her.

Song Jinxi hasn’t finished speaking yet.

“No matter what method I used to enter Ximei, my professional and technical ability will never be worse than yours.

If you want to use vicious words to make me shrink back from difficulties, so that I won’t hold you back when I work in the future… then I’m sorry, your hope will be in vain.”

“It’s impossible for me to leave.”

“Even if one has to leave between the two of us, the one who leaves can only be you.”

“If you don’t believe it, we will see.”

One sentence after another fell in Xu Lili’s ears, all of which were blatant provocations.

Song Jinxi didn’t know that Xu Lili almost cried with anger.

After she won the battle, she turned back contentedly.

It was such a great feeling to make the little bitch speechless.

But she was also surprised that Xu Lili’s combat power seemed to be too weak.

She didn’t wonder for long, because Chen Zhiwei answered her doubts.

Chen Zhiwei dragged his chair around Cai Huiyang and came up to Song Jinxi, and gave her a thumbs up first.

Then he whispered: “You were amazing just now.”

Song Jinxi smiled at him, “I’m afraid that what I said just now is too ugly, and you guys will think that I am too much.”

However… Even if they think she is too much, and even condemn her that she should not be so mean, Song Jinxi will not reflect on it, let alone feel that she is wrong.

The more you put up with people like Xu Lili, the more outrageous and arrogant she will become.

She is not a person who will wronged herself now.

Even if she wants to wronged herself, Shen Liuchen will definitely not agree too.

“How can it be too much Huiyang and I have endured her for a long time.” Chen Zhiwei whispered.

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There’s still another story

Song Jinxi looked at him suspiciously.

“We just transferred here.

Me and Huiyang, and also Xu Lili were originally from another team.” Chen Zhiwei said: “There are more than 20 people in our group and she is the only woman.

In addition, she is really quite good-looking.

She loves to wear makeup every day.

She is adored as a goddess by those nerdy shut-in men who can’t even walk when they see a woman.”

When he said this, Song Jinxi gave him a curious look.

What he means is, he is not that kind of tech nerd

“Huiyang and I are not that kind of tech nerd.” Chen Zhiwei explained as if he understood the meaning in her eyes.

“We go mountain climbing and fitness every weekend, and we still enjoy being close to nature.”

Song Jinxi nodded in agreement and said: “It’s quite good.”

Chen Zhiwei said “Yeah”, then looked at Xu Lili’s back and continued to whisper: “Sometimes she is a bit mean, and no one is willing to argue with her, so she has developed this character of resenting everything around her.”

Song Jinxi: “… I see.”

No wonder Xu Lili looked so aggressive just now but she couldn’t speak anymore after being attacked with just a few words.

It turned out that her combat power was so poor because she had no opponents before.

This makes sense.

“This woman is very narrow-minded.” Chen Zhiwei said, with an obvious look of disgust on his face.

And he also rolled his white eyes at Xu Lili.

He continued: “When she sees other women who are more beautiful, she always says they have plastic surgery, or that they put on heavy make-up.

She didn’t even look at herself.

She herself puts so thick of powder on her face that it looks like a white wall all day, but she is not embarrassed to say that kind of thing about others.”

This Chen Zhiwei is very interesting.

He is really different from those self-righteous men that ignore women’s values

and objectify women.

Song Jinxi was amused by his words and deeds.


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