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Sometimes, even if they meet some well-educated people, they will not immediately show their dislike, but they will also slowly alienate him slightly and invisibly…

Chen Zhiwei is the first friend in his life.

Song Jinxi was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and the first girl who sincerely spoke for him.

He ignored Chen Zhiwei’s question, but looked at Song Jinxi with gratitude and said “Thank you.”

Song Jinxi smiled at him.

“It’s all right.” She said.

Chen Zhiwei patted Cai Huiyang on the shoulder and said to Song Jinxi: “In the future, you will be the goddess of us brothers, so just leave all the heavy and tiring work for us.

We will definitely do everything to get it done.”

Song Jinxi still wanted to laugh, but suddenly felt a little pain in her stomach and something was wrong with her body.

With a click in her heart, she finished chatting and walked to the toilet with her head down and a worried look on her face.

Her period seems to be in these few days.

Just because she did the tasks a few times before and shuttled back and forth between the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional world, she almost forgot about her period.

After crossing in last week, a lot of things happened.

In the early stage, she was busy acting, and in the later stage, she was busy being intimate with Shen Liuchen.

She almost forgot that women have so many days like this every month.

Originally, she was at home last week and was well fed by Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen would make all kinds of nutritious things for her to eat every day, and he would also pay attention to nourishing her body.

So until now, even though her period is coming, her mental state is also in a very good state.

In the past, in the days before her period, her mood would be very irritable.

And she would feel that her whole body was unable to exert strength, and it was also very easy for her to lose appetite…

Anyway, it was all kinds of omens, reminding her that she was going to soak her feet, drink red dates and wolfberry tea, and she should also avoid eating certain foods.

She faintly felt that after Shen Liuchen had made up for her for a week in a row, she shouldn’t have much pain this time.

Blame the two ice creams she ate at noon today.

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What should she do now

If it does come, whether it hurts or not is another matter.

The problem is that she doesn’t have a sanitary napkin on her body at all.

She only knows Xu Lili in the group.

Whether Xu Lili happened to bring this thing with her is another matter.

The problem is that she just finished fighting with Xu Lili, and Xu Lili won’t give her this at all.

She might even take the opportunity to say it out loud to embarrass her.

As for the other girls in the whole big office…

She’s new here and doesn’t know anyone yet.

It’s embarrassing too if she just goes up and asks others whether they have a sanitary napkin or not, right

Shall she call Shen Liuchen to come down then

As soon as this idea came into being, it was immediately rejected by her.

It’s working hours now, and the company is full of people.

Even if the two of them hide in a corner and ‘secretly hand over things’, they are likely to be bumped into by other colleagues.

Letting Shen Liuchen come down will only expose the relationship between the two of them.

If none of them really can work… then, she can only sneak up to the thirty-sixth floor to find Shen Liuchen.

With her head bowed and her heart in a state of confusion, she hurried out in a hurry.

But when she was walking towards the door, the corner of her eye suddenly caught the office next to the door.

A young-looking girl sat behind a large desk.

She looked like a receptionist.

There is an acrylic sign on the desk.

She looked at it with full confidence and when she saw the words on it were ‘Life Service Assistant of The 23rd Floor’, she was almost moved to tears at once.


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