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ABTC Chapter 44.1

She hurriedly explained: “I just got my period today and my stomach hurts a little.

Nothing else happens.

Don’t worry.”

Just then, a car drove past her.

She is now sitting on a block of stone in Shen Liuchen’s exclusive parking space.

Shen Liuchen’s exclusive parking space is very large, and it can park six cars at the same time.

The stone block that Song Jinxi sits on is behind Shen Liuchen’s car and the security’s car.

There are two cars blocking it, and if people don’t pay attention to it when they drive by, they won’t be able to see that there’s a person here.

So Song Jinxi doesn’t have to worry about being discovered by others at all.

As for the security…

She can only ignore it first.

When the car drove away, she continued: “I’m sitting in the back of your car right now.

The stone block is a little cold and it’s not very comfortable to sit on, but I am tired from squatting, so I can only bear it first.”

After she finished speaking, she thought about it again.

“Of course, if you have more important things to do right now, I can wait a while.”

She has been enduring it all afternoon anyway…

But she didn’t say those last words to him, for fear that Shen Liuchen would be unhappy.

From her point of view, she had endured an afternoon anyway, and she wouldn’t die either if she endured it for a while longer.

Her husband has to earn money, so his work is more important.

She boredly added drama to herself in her heart, and created a heroine who was generous and had a bitter life.

It’s been quiet for a while on the other side of the phone.

It wasn’t until she said the last sentence that she seemed to hear the arrival of the elevator.

“I’ll be right there.” Shen Liuchen said.

But he didn’t hang up.

Song Jinxi also somewhat doesn’t want to hang up the phone.

She clamped the phone to her ear, and boredly pulled her shoelace with one hand.

Fortunately, she is wearing casual style today, and her shoes are also sneakers.

If she was wearing high heels, it might be more uncomfortable now.

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Even if she has long forced herself to get used to wearing high heels, she has to admit that walking in sneakers is much more comfortable than walking in high heels.

… Then again, since when did she start wearing high heels

In college Or when she just applied for a job

She somewhat can’t remember it anymore.

She even can’t remember when she bought the first pair of high heels.

After being in a daze for a while, hurried footsteps sounded in my ears.

Shen Liuchen came much faster than she thought.

Song Jinxi held his mobile phone and watched him walk majestically, and it even seemed like there was wind under his feet.

The speed of his walk was almost faster than her trot, and he was already in front of her in a blink of an eye.

She was very moved by his nervous appearance.

As if he had confirmed that she was indeed sitting here intact, Shen Liuchen’s expression was obviously much more relaxed.

Song Jinxi hung up the phone, put the phone in her bag and stood up slowly.

Then she suddenly felt something bad.

What she fears the most when she gets her period is all kinds of side leakage.

Sometimes, if she doesn’t pay attention and gets up suddenly, it is simply a disaster scene, always accompanied by a lot of blood flow.

The scene is always extremely bloody.

Moreover, in the first two days, when the volume is large, even if the speed of getting up slows down, it is obvious that various bad things still happen.

She looked embarrassed.

But thinking that she can change her trousers after they go back, it seems that she doesn’t need to care too much about this.

After all, their car drives directly to the downstairs of the house, so it’s fine as long as they take the elevator upstairs and be more careful not to be seen.

Shen Liuchen strode to Song Jinxi and seemed to want to hug her.

But Song Jinxi stretched out her hand to stop him.

“In my current situation, you’d better not hug me.” Song Jinxi frowned and looked up at him: “My stomach hurts a little and my waist is sore.

I want to go home and lie down…”


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