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“Then I’ll sing an old song from a few years ago.

Have you heard Hemingway’s ‘The old man and the sea’”

The students in the class answered in unison “Yeah.”

“I will sing the climax part for everyone then.

If it doesn’t sound good, don’t scold me.” She said with a smile.

“Sing it.

You will definitely sing well!” Shao Feipeng shouted.

When other boys see him being so attentive, they have no chance to express themselves anymore.

One by one, they make a ‘tsk’ sound and cast contemptuous glances at him.

Song Jinxi ignored their interaction and sang the climax of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

The girl’s voice is light and tender, with somewhat immaturity in it.

Every sound is accurately put on.

There is a little bit of her own style of singing in it.

It sounds good, and there is also a trace of charm that the original singer does not have.

She got a lot of applause.

Shi Yahui, the head teacher, also teased her, saying that if there’s a singing performance on stage in the future, she will take on that heavy responsibility by then.

Even though her psychological age is 25 years old, as an adult who has stepped into the society dye vat, Song Jinxi is still a little shy when she is praised so much in public.

Going back happily to her seat, the boys in the class looked for opportunities to send her a look.

However, the person she wanted to attract the most was indifferent to her and all his thoughts were in the textbook.

Maybe he didn’t even listen to her singing.

Song Jinxi stretched out her index finger and gently poked Shen Liuchen’s arm.

Shen Liuchen, in a rare occasion, turned his head to look at her, while quietly stretched out his hand to stroke his arm.

He doesn’t seem to like the touch she gives to him.

“You…Don’t you like being touched by others ” Song Jinxi asked hesitatingly.

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly: “Don’t randomly touch me in the future.”

Song Jinxi’s heart tightened.

In other words, the male god has already started getting harassed for him to have a mild mysophobia.

He will reject even such a simple touch…

She wanted to ask if Shen Liuchen had experienced anything, but she also knew that it was impossible to ask this question.

“Then I won’t touch you anymore,” she reluctantly pulled out a smile and changed the subject: “Did you hear me singing on the stage just now”

“I heard it.” A cold voice, an indifferent answer.

Song Jinxi was not satisfied, and asked, “Do you think it sounds good”

“Not bad.” As always, indifferent.

After saying so, he turned his head back.

It looks so cold and unkind that she can’t help but miss the little male god who insisted on walking while carrying her back then.

Song Jinxi sighed and poked his arm with a pen.

Shen Liuchen: “…”

She saw the male god looking at her with cold eyes and his thin lips were gently pressed to show his dissatisfaction.

Song Jinxi made a surrender gesture with a pen in her hand.

“I didn’t touch you.

I poked you with a pen.”

Shen Liuchen frowned: “You are so annoying.”

Song Jinxi laughed dryly.

“We are at the same table!” She uttered loudly, “Compared to other classmates, as deskmates, we need to know more about each other.

After I introduced myself just now, do you have any questions you want to ask me”

“No.” Indifferent and impatient.

“How can there be none!” Song Jinxi looked at him with reproachful eyes, “There must be at least a little bit of common topic between deskmates!”

Shen Liuchen turned his head back.

Song Jinxi took a pen to poke him but he didn’t move.

She poke again and he moved to the window to distance himself with her.

Song Jinxi poke again.

He didn’t even get angry and scolded her but just turned his head to look at her.

The frowning brow could almost trap a fly in it.

His eyes are sharp and frightening, but Song Jinxi automatically ignored it.

Song Jinxi was not afraid at all.


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