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Shen Liuchen’s big hand gently covered her small head, and his movements were gentle, which made her feel a little comfortable.

She rubbed her head against him, and said in a low voice: “It feels a lot more comfortable to lie on you like this… It’s so nice to have you… I didn’t mean to be angry just now, it’s just that I’m not feeling well, so I just somewhat can’t control my temper.”

“It’s my fault.” Shen Liuchen whispered.

He held her gently so that she could lie on his lap more easily.

Song Jinxi didn’t speak any more.

She lay down for a while and felt that her feet were a little cold.

She raised her head and looked in front of her.

The air conditioner showed that it was only more than 20 degrees in the car now.

“Turn off the air conditioner.

It’s too cold.” She whispered.

Without the need for Shen Liuchen’s order, the assistant in front immediately turned off the air conditioner.

The assistant knew in his heart that at such a time, Madam’s words are definitely the first order and must be obeyed.

The President will certainly not refuse.

Shen Liuchen, who was in the back, really didn’t say anything.

The assistant even exchanged glances with Ah Quan who was in the passenger seat.

Ah Quan silently gave him a thumbs up.

After turning off the air conditioner, Song Jinxi lay back on Shen Liuchen’s lap, but she also felt a little dizzy sitting like this.

When she was not in good physical condition, she was prone to motion sickness, which has always been the case since she was a child.

She raised her hand and pulled Shen Liuchen’s sleeve.

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“Can the window be opened”

Shen Liuchen hesitated: “It will be cold.”

Song Jinxi shook her head, “Just open it halfway, or I will get dizzy.”

Having learned from the past, Shen Liuchen didn’t dare to persuade her, let alone argue with her, so he had to open the window halfway.

When the wind blew in, Song Jinxi felt much better and breathed a long sigh of relief.

Just then, the car stopped at a traffic light.

There is a bus on their right.

There are two girls sitting in tandem on the bus by the window.

The girl sitting in the back was attracted by the cool Maserati Quattroporte while the two cars were still driving side by side, and she couldn’t help but secretly look at it.

Unexpectedly, when the bus stopped, the car also stopped right in front of her.

The rear window opened slowly.

And she saw Shen Liuchen’s face.

She quickly patted her companion who was sitting in front, and pointed at Shen Liuchen with an excited face.

The two girls whispered and were excited for a long time.

Until the red light turned green and the bus and the car were driving slowly forward, only then did they suddenly remembered to take pictures.

The two of them hurriedly picked up their mobile phones but before they had the chance to take a picture, the window of the passenger seat in front of the luxury car was also opened.

Then they saw a man, with closely cropped hair in the passenger seat, looked at them with a serious look and made a ‘no’ gesture to them.

The eyes of the man were a bit sharp, and the two girls were almost frightened out of their wits, so they had to silently put away their phones again.

The bus began to approach the station gradually, and the Maserati Quattroporte car drove straight ahead, and the two vehicles then separated.

The two girls watched as the Maserati Quattroporte was getting farther and farther away from them, and their minds were full of Shen Liuchen’s astonishing side face.

“What a pity, I didn’t even take a picture!”

“If he doesn’t let us take pictures, then just forget it.

Generally, people who ride in this kind of car are very rich.

If you accidentally take a picture of him and spread it out, you might be held accountable for something… such as violating his portrait rights.

“We won’t spread it out anyway.

We just take it for ourselves to look at, and then show it to others in the dormitory.

After all, such a handsome guy is rare.

I am already so old but this is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome guy!”


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