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“That’s right… Not only handsome, but also so rich.

If I remember correctly, that car is called Maserati something, right We saw it last time when we were volunteers at the auto show.

Do you still remember it The model of that car is much better than the other cars at that time, not to mention the price.

It’s extremely expensive.”

“I am curious about the girl that is sitting in his arms.”

“The girl looked a little uncomfortable.

After he opened the window, he immediately went to see the girl’s condition…”

“There’s no need to say more.

That woman may have saved an entire galaxy in her last life.”

“Such a handsome guy, not to mention being his girlfriend or wife or the likes.

As long as I can be with him for one day, even if I die, I will feel that I have no regrets anymore!”

“Those who are handsome, rich and very gentle, all of them already belong to others…”

“The man sitting in the passenger seat also seems pretty good looking.

He should also be very rich.”

“I don’t think so.

After all, he is several grades worse than the handsome guy in the back seat.

He looks a bit like a bodyguard.”

“So the one who drives the car is the driver, and the one who is in the passenger seat is the bodyguard Is he so rich”

“We won’t understand the world of the rich…”

The protagonists in the car were completely unaware of the chatter of the two girls in the bus.

Shen Liuchen’s whole attention was on Song Jinxi.

After opening the window, he lowered his head again and carefully protected Song Jinxi.

He did not notice the little movements of the two girls.

Only the assistant who was driving noticed Ah Quan’s movements.

He whispered: “What’s wrong”

“Someone saw the boss and wanted to take pictures secretly.” Ah Quan said.

Shen Liuchen was still gently stroking Song Jinxi’s soft black hair and didn’t care at all.

Song Jinxi listened and raised her head slightly to look at Ah Quan.

“Did they manage to take the picture”

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She asked.

She had a hard time raising her head and wanted to lie back after asking the question, but she didn’t expect Shen Liuchen to stretch out his hand to support her small head.

… So sweet.

She felt touched in her heart.

And also naturally put all the weight on his hand.

“No, I stopped them.” Ah Quan said.

“Where did they take the picture Aren’t we on the road” Song Jinxi asked again.

Ah Quan said: “They are on the bus, seated by the window.

The bus is higher than our car, so they just saw the boss at the right angle.”

It turned out to be so.

Song Jinxi rubbed her head against Shen Liuchen’s hand, motioned him to let go, and put her head on Shen Liuchen’s lap again.

But this time she turned in a different direction.

Facing Shen Liuchen, she reached out and poked his abdominal muscle.

“Look at you.

Why are you so handsome Attracting bees and butterflies everywhere.”

Shen Liuchen gently grabbed her hand, put it on his mouth and kissed it.

He was so gentle that Song Jinxi was embarrassed to be jealous again.

In addition, her stomach still hurt a little, so she just hummed for a while and didn’t say anything anymore.


The current home of Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen is on the opposite of the Jinyu Building.

It takes about 20 minutes if they were to walk back, because there is an overpass between the community where they live and the Jinyu building, and there is no pedestrian bridge or zebra cross between the two buildings.

They must walk to the nearest traffic light before they can cross the road.

If it was with a car, they need to take a longer detour.

But anyway, the driving time is shorter than the walking time.

After a while, the car drove to the underground parking lot in the community.

Song Jinxi was carried upstairs by Shen Liuchen.

When they got home, Shen Liuchen wanted to put Song Jinxi directly on the bed, but Song Jinxi refused.


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