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“My trousers may be dirty, and I have to go to the bathroom to change my sanitary napkin first.”

Song Jinxi said as she walked into the bathroom and only remembered that there was no such thing like a sanitary napkin at their home when she closed the door.

“We don’t have this kind of thing at home.

You have to buy it for me.” She said while standing at the door and holding it.

Shen Liuchen walked up to her and said: “What else do you need besides sanitary napkins I will ask the assistant to prepare them.”

“As for sanitary napkins, I need the day-use ones and the night-use ones.” Song Jinxi said.

“Two packs for night-use ones are enough.

Buy more packs for the day-use ones.

Tell him that if there’s something that he doesn’t understand, he can ask the store clerk.

I’ll squat in the toilet for a while.”

She said so and closed the toilet door.

Shen Liuchen immediately went out.

The assistant received the order and although he felt strange for an old man like him to buy sanitary napkins, he couldn’t let the President buy it himself either.

Otherwise, if those people in Jinyu know it, they will certainly be very shocked.

It’s too demeaning.

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Shen Liuchen is the God in the hearts of all people in Jinyu, and his assistant is no exception either.

He is also an ordinary ‘person in Jinyu’.

He rushed into the elevator at the speed of 100 meters sprint, and then ran to a supermarket downstairs in the community.

He was dazzled by the variety of brands and types.

What cotton surface layer, fiber mesh surface, what breathable, refreshing, anti-side leakage…

Thinking that the President and the President’s wife were waiting for this emergency kit, the assistant picked one pack of each kind, and ended up with two full bags in his hands.

The cashier of the supermarket was very considerate and specially helped him find two large black bags to ‘cover his shame’.

But supermarkets like to use black bags to pack sanitary napkins for their customers.

Therefore, over time, basically everyone knows in their heart that black bags have sanitary napkins in them.

The assistant carried two large black bags and ran into the elevator under the envious and amused eyes of the surrounding girls.

The whole process only took about ten minutes.

It was so fast that even Song Jinxi was surprised.

She was sure she had only waited in the toilet for a few minutes.

When she took the two bags of sanitary napkins handed over by Shen Liuchen, she couldn’t help complimenting that the assistant was very efficient to Shen Liuchen.

After Song Jinxi was in the toilet, Shen Liuchen walked to the living room.

The assistant is sitting on the sofa, bragging about his great achievements with the people in the group, saying that he had made another great contribution today.

When people from the secretary group asked him what great contribution he had made, he just kept them guessing and refused to say more——In fact, he didn’t dare to say it.

The people in the secretary group were so angry that they promised to let him suffer when he went to work tomorrow.

When Shen Liuchen came out, he quickly put away his mobile phone and stood up, acting as if he would obey any orders at any time.

Shen Liuchen sat on the sofa.

“I remember you seem to have had a relationship once” Shen Liuchen asked.

The assistant didn’t answer right away.

Thinking of what he bought just now, coupled with Song Jinxi’s pale face, the assistant soon understood what Shen Liuchen wanted to ask.

He still somewhat hesitated.

“Although I had a relationship before… but we broke up not long after that.” He said.

Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at him.

He never thought that he would be the topic of gossip for the President one day.

The assistant thought again of what he saw in the company’s underground garage before, where Song Jinxi was quite unreasonable in front of Shen Liuchen.

He felt that it was necessary to share the lessons he learned with the President.

“The reason for our breakup was that she was not feeling well when she got her period.

I couldn’t take care of her by her side, and she felt that having a boyfriend was the same as having none, so that’s why we broke up.”

The assistant still has something to say.


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