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He learned from his friends that after his ex-girlfriend broke up with him, she still said in her social circle that she was in a widowed-style relationship and told her other female friends not to be with the men from Jinyu Group, especially the people from the secretary group.

Shen Liuchen’s thin lips pursed slightly.

The assistant’s words show, from another point of view, that he, like himself, has no experience in this field.

Shen Liuchen lowered his eyes.

Until this age, Song Jinxi is the only woman close to him.

He doesn’t know anything about this field, and no one he can consult with either.

“Call Jinrong’s gynecologist.” He said.

Assistant: “Okay.”

Before calling, the assistant thought about it and said hesitantly: “Maybe I can check about this on the internet first.

For example, I’ve heard them say that girls should drink more hot water.”

Hearing what he said, Shen Liuchen suddenly remembered that when Song Jinxi called him, she also said that after she went back, drinking more hot water would relieve the pain.

He took a glass, filled it with hot water, went into the bedroom and put it directly at the head of the bed.

The door of the toilet was still tightly closed.

He thought about it and in the end didn’t rush her.

Instead, he went back to the living room.

The assistant was still holding his mobile phone.

Seeing him coming out, he walked up to him and handed him his mobile phone.

“On the Internet, it is said that brown sugar water is useful, and some red dates and wolfberries can also be soaked in it.

If there’s a stomachache, this thing called ‘warm baby’ can be stuck to the stomach, and holding a hot water bottle can also keep the feet and stomach warm.

The hands also must not touch cold water.

Foods that are too sour and spicy should not be eaten, eat less fruits, and avoid the iced drink and food.”

Can’t touch cold water…

But she ate two ice creams this noon…

A trace of annoyance flashed across Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

Song Jinxi suffers because he doesn’t understand all of this.

If he knew, Song Jinxi would not be allowed to eat ice cream at all.

And those raw and cold foods should also be avoided.

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Shen Liuchen returned the mobile phone to him.

“Whatever things they say need to be done on the Internet, go and prepare it, and come back within half an hour.”

The assistant hurried away again.

Shen Liuchen went back to the bedroom and waited for a while.

Just when he couldn’t help but want to knock on the door to ask about her condition, the door of the bathroom finally opened.

Song Jinxi walked out slowly with a pale face.

He walked over and gently picked her up and carefully placed her on the bed.

Then he pulled the thin quilt and covered her.

Feeling that lying on her back was uncomfortable, Song Jinxi lay on her side instead.

She curled up in a ball, holding the quilt with her two small hands and looking at Shen Liuchen eagerly.

“Do you want to drink water” Shen Liuchen asked.

Song Jinxi subconsciously looked at the head of the bed and nodded.

Shen Liuchen carefully helped her up again and fed her a few sips of hot water.

Then he helped her to lie down slowly, and tucked her in.

“If the air conditioner is not on, will you feel hot”

Song Jinxi shook her head.

“Can you go and buy me a hot water bottle It will be more comfortable to hold after hot water is put into it.” She said.

“The assistant went to get it, and will be back in half an hour.”

Shen Liuchen said so while raising his hand and stroking her small head.

Song Jinxi rubbed the palm of his hand.

“Does it still hurt” His voice was so gentle, as if it had soothing power and could relieve the pain.

Song Jinxi looked at him pitifully.

“It hurts…” She said, wrinkling her small nose.

“It’s like someone scraping the inner wall of my uterus with a knife.”

She said so and pressed her face on Shen Liuchen’s hand.

Feeling that his hand was warm and comfortable, she pulled his hand and went into the quilt with it.


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