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“A medicine to cure dysmenorrhea”

In the study, Shen Liuchen stood behind the desk and two people stood in front of the desk.

It was assistant Jian Weiwen and scientist Zhu Shengzhi who just drove here.

That sentence just now was said by Zhu Shengzhi.

He looked at the handsome young president behind the desk and asked, “What about the ‘Purgatory One’ experimental plan”

“It will be done independently by Yuan Chengjie.” Shen Liuchen said indifferently.

When what he got was not the answer he wanted to hear the most, Zhu Shengzhi was a little worried for a while.

Even though he knew that Shen Liuchen would not give up that plan easily, he could not help but fantasize when he just learned that he would be transferred to research other projects.

He wondered whether Shen Liuchen would give up that demon experiment because he has a sweetheart now and he has some expectations for the world again.

It turned out that he thought too much.

But at least, he doesn’t have to touch that project again in the future, which can reduce his guilt a little.

“I will deploy several doctors with experience in gynecology to cooperate with your research.

The research laboratory will be set up in Jinrong hospital, and all the equipment will be ready within three days.” Shen Liuchen looked at him and said again: “When you finish this task, I will set you free.”

Zhu Shengzhi was shocked.

He and Yuan Chengjie are both working for Shen Liuchen now.

Yuan Chengjie was wanted by people from that country and the international police for doing illegal research in another country.

Because Yuan Chengjie is a dangerous person, after escaping back to China, he was also listed as a wanted target by the domestic police.

It was Shen Liuchen who rescued Yuan Chengjie and arranged Yuan Chengjie to do research in the underground laboratory.

His situation is different from that of Yuan Chengjie.

He is thirty-two years old and unmarried.

He still has his old parents and a 30-year-old younger brother, who has married.

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A few years ago, he participated in a seven-year closed research project abroad.

When he wanted to ‘leave’ in the last year, his father was seriously ill, and the burden of the family fell on his younger brother’s shoulders.

The younger brother worked several jobs every day and almost fell ill from exhaustion, but he still couldn’t have enough money for his father’s surgery.

At that time, no one in the family could contact him.

His younger brother’s wife, in order to lighten the burden on her husband, and also to earn more money in a short time, she would go to the bar to be an escort lady after she got off work.

His sister-in-law is a woman that keeps her integrity.

When she went to be an escort lady, she had made sure before that she only needed to serve wine but not sell her body.

But she was still spotted by a local snake.

The local snake forcibly let his sister-in-law commit to him by threatening the life safety of the whole family, and also planned to cheat his younger brother into loaning money with loan sharks.

At that time, he had just ‘leave’ and returned home.

Although he had millions on him, it was not enough to repay the loan sharks.

His father was still in the hospital waiting for the second operation and his mother’s hair had all turned white from worrying about their family affairs.

His sister-in-law was caught by local snakes.

His younger brother was desperate and almost committed suicide by jumping off the building.

At that time, he used all his connections to ask for help, but because he had been doing research abroad for a long time, and most of his contacts were abroad, he couldn’t find anyone in China who could help him in this regard.

When he was in the most desperate situation, it was Shen Liuchen who found him and helped him deal with the local snake.

After his sister-in-law was caught and locked in the house, she refused the local snake’s advances several times and it finally completely angered the local snake.

Fortunately, his sister-in-law was rescued from the situation where she was almost raped on the bed by the local snake.

Then his father was transferred to Jinrong Hospital, and was provided with the best treatment environment.

It was also at that time that he willingly signed a fifty-year ‘contract’ with Shen Liuchen.

When he learned that Shen Liuchen asked him to do that research, he was very reluctant, but there was no way to refuse it.


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