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The lives of their family were all given by Shen Liuchen.

And now, Shen Liuchen actually said that he wanted to give him back his freedom

Zhu Shengzhi bowed deeply to Shen Liuchen: “I will study it seriously.”

Shen Liuchen looked at his watch.

While waiting for Zhu Shengzhi to arrive just now, he was still cooking in the kitchen.

Now that the rice should almost be done, he is going to cook the dishes.

After instructing the assistant what to do next, he lifted his foot and walked to the door.

Just as he walked to the door, Zhu Shengzhi’s voice came from behind him.

“President, after completing this project, I just hope that you can give me a vacation and let me travel with my family.”

Shen Liuchen’s footsteps paused slightly.

“As long as you don’t let me go back to the ‘Purgatory Project’, if there are other projects that need to be studied in the future, you can hand them over to me.” Zhu Shengzhi said.

Although he and Shen Liuchen signed a 50-year contract, Shen Liuchen gave him a large commission every year, which is large enough for their family to live.

Moreover, when they were doing experiments, Shen Liuchen always provided them with the most advanced equipment.

As a half scientific lunatic, he enjoys doing research in the environment provided by Shen Liuchen.

“If you’re sure about it,” Shen Liuchen said, “we can revise the contract.”

“Thank you, President.”


The assistant then went to buy a small foldable wooden table, which could be used as a temporary dining table on the bed.

Shen Liuchen didn’t put pepper in the dish he fried today, and it also suits Song Jinxi’s taste very much.

She ate a piece of meat and swallowed it before saying:

“So you let a scientific genius study the medicine for dysmenorrhea”

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly.

“When the medicine is successfully developed, you won’t have to suffer so much anymore.” He said.

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He was holding a copy of the medical records sent by Jinrong in his hand.

It was a whole book of women’s dysmenorrhea cases, which recorded various sequelae caused by dysmenorrhea, and it made him frown just by looking at it.

Song Jinxi took another bite of rice and swallowed it.

It’s not that she is greedy, but the food that Shen Liuchen cooks is so delicious.

So even though her belly still hurts, she still has an appetite to eat.

“Everyone has different symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

It’s useless to look at other people’s cases.” Song Jinxi also felt very helpless.

An old man who doesn’t know anything about medicine is holding a gynecological dysmenorrhea medical record and looking at it back and forth…

If this was spread out, he may be laughed at by others for being stupid.

“It was only because I ate two bowls of ice cream at noon today.

That’s why it was so serious this time.

Logically speaking, after my legs got a little better last week, I was pulled by you to run and exercised for a few days so it originally shouldn’t hurt this time.

I know my own body.

If I am in good condition, sometimes it won’t hurt at all.”

Shen Liuchen looked at her thoughtfully.

“In the future…”

“No.” Before he even finished, Song Jinxi already interrupted him.

“Do you want to say that you won’t allow me to eat ice anymore in the future”

Shen Liuchen pursed his lips.

“You can write down my period’s date.

My date is usually quite accurate, and then you can supervise me by not letting me eat cold food for a week or so before and after my period, and just let me eat whatever I want for the remaining half a month…” Song Jinxi said, “Moreover, I only eat ice cream occasionally, so I won’t eat too much at all.”

Shen Liuchen looked hesitant.

“If you don’t let me eat it, I will start making a fuss with you.” Song Jinxi began to play tricks.

Shen Liuchen was silent.

He didn’t want to force her to do things she didn’t want to do under the guise of ‘for her good’.


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