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“You can ask me what kind of books I prefer and see if our reading interests overlap, or discuss whether there are books that we have all read, so that we can exchange our feelings after reading it.

You recommend to me the books you have read that are good, and I also recommend to you the ones I like, so that we can have a lot of topics.

Shen Liuchen: “You talk a lot.”

Song Jinxi said righteously: “Don’t I want to have a common topic with you”

Shen Liuchen: “I don’t want to have a common topic with you.”

Song Jinxi was choked, a little bit wanted to give up, and didn’t want to just shrink back.

She hardened her will: “Otherwise, you ask me a question.

When I answer this ice-breaking question, I won’t bother you again.”

Shen Liuchen looked at her coldly for a long time, and there was a slight change in his eyes.

Song Jinxi was overjoyed.

Could it be that after ‘eight years’, her ‘entanglement strategy’ is still so effective

But it’s also not a good thing when she thinks about it again.

Is the male god really so fond of girls who pester people

Wouldn’t it be that when a girl came and pestered him for a while, he would run away with that girl later

So she condemned Shen Liuchen in her heart for not being reserved enough.

Condemnation is just a condemnation.

She is still waiting for Shen Liuchen’s ‘ice-breaking question’ very seriously.

However, Shen Liuchen asked her a question that she never thought of.

“Do you have a younger sister” He asked.

Song Jinxi: “……”

Who is going to tell her why all the questions asked by the male god are so strange

At first, he asked her whether she was short when she was a child.

And now he asks whether she has a younger sister…

“I have a younger sister, but she’s not as cute as me.” Song Jinxi said.

Shen Liuchen: “What’s her name”

“Why are you so interested in my sister” Song Jinxi couldn’t stand it anymore.

She asked him back in a bad tone.

Shen Liuchen’s tone was flat: “You are not ugly, it’s just that, you talk a lot.

If your sister looks similar to you, she should be much cuter than you.”

Song Jinxi widened her eyes and even stopped breathing.

She almost couldn’t resist standing up angrily and overturned the table.

Why didn’t she know that the male god had such a poisonous tongue when they were young

With her sentence of ‘she’s not as cute as me’, it revealed her emotions and her views on her younger sister.

He grabbed her sore spot and specially praised her sister, to achieve the purpose of stabbing her with words.

It’s too much!

Song Jinxi took a deep breath, told herself not to be angry, and said in as calm a tone as possible: “That sister and I only have the same dad.

I look like my mom and she looks like her mom.

Her mom is not as good-looking as my mom, so she is not as good-looking as I am.”

Song Jinxi’s parents divorced when she was ten years old.

Soon after the divorce, they formed their own new families again.

Ironically, on the day of their divorce, Song Jinxi knew that she had a half-sister who was only two years younger than her.

In other words, her dad had been cheating in his marriage for at least eight years.

Perhaps it was because she has been an illegitimate daughter for several years, after Song Jinnan can stand upright in the sun, she likes to compete with her in everything.

But nothing can be compared with her in the end.

She is not as good-looking as she is, her brain is not as smart as she is, her grades are not as good as her, and she can’t compare with her in learning Guzheng either.

But there is one thing that she will never be better than Song Jinnan.

That is, Dad’s favor.

This is also the only thing that Song Jinnan can show off in front of her.

But at this point, Song Jinxi was too lazy to compare anymore.

If someone said in front of her that Song Jinnan is better than her, she would only sneer, whatever that person said.

But if this person is her male god, then she can never give up.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen was as if absorbed in thought, Song Jinxi said again: “Don’t even think about getting to know my sister.

I’m so cute and I’m also your deskmate.

I’m also sitting in front of you right at this moment.

Why are you being so guarded against me and don’t want to get to know me, but still insisting wanting to know about someone you don’t even know”

The author has something to say :

Song Jinxi: I didn’t know who said that he didn’t want to have a common topic with me at that time.

Shen Liuchen: have you heard the story of Shen Jingze

Song Jinxi: …

Shen Liuchen: It’s really fragrant.

Song Jinxi: …

Shen Liuchen: I not only want to have a common topic with you, but I also want to have an ‘in-depth exchange’ with you.

Song Jinxi: QAQ help me!

TN : Shen Jingze, this translated as ‘unexpectedly sink into water/blessing’.


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