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He doesn’t want to use this as an excuse to not let her do what she likes to do.

In addition, the doctor also said before that they just need to pay attention for a week before and after the period.

Since that is the case, then he won’t be too insistent either.

After eating, Song Jinxi lay on the bed for a while.

She wanted to read novels, but she was afraid that she would see something she shouldn’t read, which will only make Shen Liuchen suspicious.

She has searched before and found that there are also novels with the theme of transmigrating into a novel’s story in this world, and there are even all kinds of routines in them.

In case she accidentally read a novel about transmigrating into a novel and let Shen Liuchen see it…

The consequences are unimaginable.

Song Jinxi has three main forms of leisure and entertainment during her general rest time.

Read novels, play games and watch anime.

Reading novels is the most often used way for her to relax.

Perhaps because she has always been a single dog before, so she especially likes to read those sweet love stories.

Every day when she reads that the male lead in the novel spoils the female lead to heaven, she will scream in her heart.

Sometimes she can’t help rolling in bed and feels so sweet, envious and likes it so much.

The next one is playing games.

It’s just that she most often plays MOBA competitive games.

This kind of game is not good if the only amazing player is her.

The skills of her teammates are also very critical.

Therefore, when she plays games, her teammates often make her spit out blood.

As for anime, she actually seldom watches it.

Only occasionally.

Now that she can’t read novels, she can only play games.

She sat leaning against the head of the bed while playing games, and Shen Liuchen sat next to her, reading documents.

The two do not disturb each other, but they can reach out to touch each other.

Their peripheral vision can even capture each other’s silhouette at any time.

This kind of quiet feeling of being together is very good.

After Song Jinxi was playing for some time, she couldn’t help leaning her head on Shen Liuchen’s shoulder.

She feels comfortable and satisfied.

Because she was distracted by the game, in addition that her mood is good now, she also has one hot water bottle in her arm and one on her feet, she feels warm all over.

Her lower belly is not very painful anymore now.

Unfortunately, good times are always short-lived.

Seeing that it was not even nine o’clock, Shen Liuchen began to urge her to sleep, and waited patiently for her to finish the game before he took her mobile phone away directly.

Then he put both of their mobile phones in the living room.

Song Jinxi had no choice but to pout her mouth while she went to the toilet.

After taking various measures to prevent side leakage, she obediently lay on the bed and prepared to sleep.

The assistant bought a total of four hot water bottles, which can be rotated in use.

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The two hot water bottles that Song Jinxi used just now have cooled down a little.

After Shen Liuchen put away the mobile phones, he came back and put the two hot water bottles that had just been heated on the bed.

Then he took out those two hot water bottles that were already a little cold.

Song Jinxi slowly walked over to hug his neck and kissed his face.

“Thank you, husband.”

He was so considerate that Song Jinxi didn’t even complain anymore about her being forced to go to bed early.

Moreover, he asked her to go to bed early for her own good, and she was very moved.

It’s just that it was too early.

She lay in bed for a long time and still couldn’t fall asleep.

She even wanted to harass Shen Liuchen, thinking evilly about whether she could tease him and make him feel something.

Then the two of them, one is suffering from the period’s pain, and the other is suffering from being hard but could not be relieved…

Even if it is just her thoughts, she already feels excited about it.

In the end, it was Shen Liuchen who hugged her tightly and refused to let her make any movement.

She quietly nestled in his arms, and she slowly began to feel really sleepy.

She usually sleeps very deeply but she also wakes up easier when she is not feeling well.

When she is half asleep at night, she suddenly feels like there is some small movement next to her.


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