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She struggled to open her eyes.

The first thing she felt was that the hot water bottle in her arms was hot and very comfortable.

The temperature made her feel that she might not have slept for a long time, but looking at the electronic clock hanging on the wall, it showed that it was past three in the middle of the night.

With nothing around her, she subconsciously looked for Shen Liuchen’s figure and found that Shen Liuchen was reheating the two hot water bottles on the other side.

In other words, he got up in the middle of the night just to help her change the hot water bottle.

When Shen Liuchen walked back to the bedside, Song Jinxi was lying in the quilt, staring at him in a daze with wide opened eyes.

His heart softened and he lay down lightly, helping her brush away the broken hair in front of her.

“Did I wake you up” He asked in a low voice.

Song Jinxi shook her head.

“Go back to sleep.

It’s only three o’clock.” He said.

Song Jinxi looked at him quietly.

Under the dim bedside lamp, his face was a little blurry, but he was still handsome.

His voice was low and gentle.

At the time Song Jinxi heard it, it was as if a warm current was flowing slowly through her heart.

That is the feeling of being touched.

She stretched out her hand and looked for his hand in the dark.

He gently grasped it and stuffed it back into the quilt before clasping her fingers under the quilt.

His palm is so hot.

The weather in May was actually a little hot but she still held a hot water bottle in her arms and a hot water bottle was put under her feet, while also being covered with a quilt that Shen Liuchen had just pulled out of his closet last night.

Even though her body is actually afraid of cold during her menstrual period, Song Jinxi feels a little hot now.

She looked up at the direction of the air conditioner, and the indicator light was indeed dimmed.

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“Why don’t you turn on the air conditioner” She asked softly.

In fact, the answer is easy to guess.

It must be because Shen Liuchen was afraid that she would be cold, so he turned off the air conditioner.

But in this kind of weather, if it wasn’t for the menstrual period, Song Jinxi would definitely wake up from the heat if the air conditioner was not turned on at night.

Not to mention that Shen Liuchen is a man, who already has enough heat in his body, he is more likely to get hot.

Before he could answer, Son Jjinxi said again: “Go turn on the air conditioner.

I am a little hot.”

Shen Liuchen did not go, but said in a low voice: “Being greedy for the cool will make your body uncomfortable.”

“But now I am covered with a thick quilt and holding two hot water bottles.

If the air conditioner is not turned on, I will sweat.” Song Jinxi’s voice is still very small.

The kind of feeling where two people talking quietly in bed is very beautiful.

She likes it very much.

She continued: “If I sweat, my whole body will be wet and it will not be comfortable to sleep anymore.

I will even catch a cold easily.”

Shen Liuchen seemed to have guessed her concerns, leaned over and kissed her forehead gently.

“I am not hot.

Don’t worry about me.” He said.

Song Jinxi pouted: “I don’t care.

You don’t feel hot but I feel hot.”

She broke free from Shen Liuchen’s hand and pushed his shoulder.

“Hurry up and turn on the air conditioner.

I’m going to die from the heat.”

Seeing her persistent look through the dim light, Shen Liuchen sighed softly.

He picked up the remote control on the bedside table, turned on the air conditioner, and adjusted the temperature.

Song Jinxi got up, leaned over to take a look, and snatched the remote control over without saying a word.

“The air conditioner is turned on at 31 degrees.

You are crazy.” She said and then turned the temperature to twenty-eight degrees.

After adjusting it, she put the remote control on the bedside table on her side before retracting into the quilt again and let out a comfortable sigh.

“Do you know what is the happiest thing in summer”


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