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Looking at the handsome cousin opposite him, Shen Liujue’s eyes flashed with a hint of sigh and a hint of satisfaction.

The seeds of the Old Shen in their family are just different.

It’s a pity that this cousin is too stubborn.

No matter how many times they handed out olive branches, he ignored them directly, leaving them completely helpless.

Fortunately, the Sister-in-law presented an opportunity for them this time.

According to the report obtained by the ‘front scout’, Shen Liujue has the confidence that this time he should be able to form a preliminary cooperative relationship with Shen Liuchen.

After all, this matter is related to Song Jinxi.

“Actually, I came to you today because I wanted to discuss something with you.” Shen Liujue said.

Shen Liuchen put down the menu slowly.

“If it’s not a work matter, there’s no need to talk about it anymore.”

“It’s a work matter.” Shen Liujue said.

“And it has something to do with Sister-in-law.”


He even called quite familiarly.

Shen Liuchen frowned, but in the end he didn’t correct the way he called her wife.

He also knew from the bottom of his heart that it would be useless to correct it anyway.

Shen Liujue has been dangling in front of him from time to time over the past few years, not eating hard or soft, and completely ignoring his rejection too.

Over time, he has become accustomed to ignoring this person.

He was too lazy to care about it anymore.

“Sister-in-law likes reading novels.

You know about this, right” Shen Liujue asked.

Shen Liuchen was silent for a while, “…Hmm.”

He didn’t know.

Why does Shen Liujue know about Song Jinxi’s hobby that he doesn’t even know

Moreover, he never seemed to see her read a novel in front of him.

When they were alone, she only played games and occasionally watched some short  videos.

“She was chasing a novel a few days ago, and was pitted by the author.

That website happened to be owned by Huasheng.

She hoped that I could contact the author and let the author come back and update the novel.” Shen Liujue said.

Shen Liuchen looked at him: “Then”

“I want to ask if you are interested in getting involved in drama adaptation from online novels.” Shen Liujue looked at him, “If you are interested, the novel website is waiting for financing.

We need to develop new anti-theft technology, which requires a large amount of capital investment.”

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Shen Liujue’s mouth is full of nonsense, but he and Shen Liuchen both know it well that this reason is not tenable.

With Huasheng’s financial resources, the development of anti-theft technology does not require financing at all.

Their intention was nothing more than to have some work contacts with him, so they had good reason to approach him in the future.

Shen Liujue continued to persuade him: “You can come in with financing and become a shareholder of the company.

If Sister-in-law wants to find another author again in the future, she can just find it directly through you, and there’s no need to go through us anymore.

What do you think”

Song Jinxi read the novel completely without him knowing about it at all, so there must be something in it.

Shen Liuchen can’t figure out her origin at all now.

Just when he was guessing randomly, Song Jinxi secretly made a small move behind him.

He must check them slowly one by one, and then peel off the cocoons…

Shen Liuchen slightly pursed his thin lips and looked at the man in front of him.

“It’s doable, but I want half the shares of the website.”

This is what Shen Liujue was waiting for.

As long as he doesn’t take all the shares of the website, he can agree to it.

“Then, shall we meet next Monday at the door of Dingding Network Company” Shen Liujue asked tentatively.

“Or shall I send someone to pick you up”

Shen Liuchen glanced at him lazily and said: “I will go by myself.”

The environment of the restaurant is very quiet, and the sound insulation effect is also very good.

Even when sitting in a double seat, one can hardly hear the voice of other customers next to them.

Before Lin Xiaoxiao came, Shen Lliuchen had first asked the waiter to serve Song Jinxi a cup of hot tea.

Now Lin Xiaoxiao is ordering with her head lowered while Song Jinxi is holding this cup of hot tea and thinking silently.


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