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Most of the time, it was Lin Xiaoxiao who took the initiative to find her.

Because she knew Lin Xiaoxiao’s origin, combined with the setting of Female Lead in the original novel, and the various ‘remedial crisis’ Lin Xiaoxiao is facing right now, she can probably determine the reason why Lin Xiaoxiao is so keen in finding her.

Shenliuchen’s father was a big stallion and a rotten mud that couldn’t hold up the wall.

He didn’t make any contribution to the whole Shen family except planting seeds everywhere.

Now the Shen family’s power is Lin Xiaoxiao’s eldest brother.

Several young people of their generation seemed to see Shen Liuchen’s ability and wanted to repair the relationship with him.

Lin Xiaoxiao conveyed their meaning that they would not force Shen Liuchen to go home to recognize his relatives, but at least he should recognize several of the Shen brothers from the bottom of his heart.

However, Shen Liuchen had always been ruthless in the past.

When facing the brothers of the Shen family, he often ignored them directly.

Before Song Jinxi appeared, Shen Liuchen’s heart was wholeheartedly on the market.

He can have such achievements now, especially in X city where various industries are semi monopolized by the Shen family, and also break through the sky and establish such a large business empire such as the Jinyu Group——

His own abilities account for a large part, and the convenience given to him by the Shen family in all aspects should not be ignored either.

Now that Song Jinxi has appeared, through the communication between Lin Xiaoxiao and Song Jinxi these days, the men in the Shen family can probably be sure that Song Jinxi is Shen Liuchen’s only weakness.

They thought that through the relationship between Lin Xiaoxiao and Song Jinxi, they hoped that it could affect Shen Liuchen, at least to allow him to not resist contact with them.

Lin Xiaoxiao seized this opportunity and often asked her brothers to stop their madness in making up the lessons on the grounds of ‘chatting with Song Jinxi and increasing their feeling’.

Occasionally, she even took the opportunity to chat with Song Jinxi and asked Song Jinxi to take her to play some games instead.

When they play games, it is also the kind of sneaky one that is racing against the clock.

It’s like a poor child who is strictly oppressed by the abnormal parents, but still unable to resist.

Throughout this week, Song Jinxi, who watched Lin Xiaoxiao’s tragic life throughout the whole process, said that she was also a transmigrator.

Both of them were just like one in the sky and the other in the underground.

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Shen Liuchen even can’t wait for her to play games at home every day.

It’s best if she does not go to work anymore and only the two of them are together.

Lin Xiaoxiao’s brothers, however, took turns to tutor her lessons every day.

It was really miserable.

Lin Xiaoxiao said that they even have shift scheduling.

The tutors from Monday to Thursday are fixed, and she is given a day off on Friday.

She will be given half a day off on Saturday and Sunday but it depends on the situation, and the rest of the time will be for her lessons.

After the first two days, Lin Xiaoxiao and Song JInxi have become familiar with each other.

In addition, Lin Xiaoxiao is the type that makes friends instantly.

In the next few days, Lin Xiaoxiao would find Song Jinxi almost every day.

Moreover, when she looked for Song Jinxi, the opening chat was basically the same.

Song Jinxi is now accustomed to seeing the spamming of ‘Ah’ from Lin Xiaoxiao when she opens the chat application.

Fortunately, she does not have Trypophobia.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister in law, help me!!!”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Today, they made a complete decision.

They said that in the future, I have no time to play on Saturdays and Sundays anymore.

I have to study every day until I become the first in my grade.

How can this be possible!!! I really can’t live this kind of day anymore.

I want to run away from home.”


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