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Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law, can you invite me out for dinner on Saturday I haven’t seen the sun outside for a long time already.

Every day after school, I am picked up by the car.

After eating, I immediately return to my room and start doing various questions.

Is this really the kind of life a human should live with I originally thought that the make-up lessons were only from Monday to Thursday, and I am fine with that.

At least I can still catch my breath on Saturday and Sunday.

As a result, they still have to give me make-up lessons in the only two days left that I have as a rest time.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Isn’t being the President very busy Why is everyone so free I really can’t take it anymore.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “The girl who was oppressed by the power humbly asks for help online.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “…Of course if you don’t have time, it’s fine.” Followed by a pitiful crying emoji.

Song Jinxi thought for a while: “Didn’t you say before, that they also think it’s too tiring for you to be tutored from Monday to Friday, so If the tutoring effect is good and your grades could be improved, you would be given a holiday on Saturday and Sunday as a rest time Why did they suddenly change their mind now”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Really, I get angry when mentioning this matter.

Do you still remember cousin Liuchen’s life experience that I mentioned to you before”

Song Jinxi: “I remember.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “It’s because of his half-brother Shen Liuyu, who I should call cousin too.

Last weekend, when we had a family gathering, he brought a woman back and acted so intimately in front of us.

Then I went for a walk after dinner and accidentally bumped into the scene of them two being very intimate.

I originally wanted to say that I would not disturb others’ good deeds, so I turned around and left, but he actually caught up with me.”

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Lin Xiaoxiao: “He also asked me what I thought of the woman he brought back.

I said she is very beautiful and she is quite passable as my Sister-in-law.

Of course, that woman was not even as good as your finger.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law, you are the most beautiful sister-in-law in my heart.” Her rainbow fart blows very smoothly.

When Song Jinxi heard this, she even felt a little satisfied in her heart.

For a while, she sighed somewhat emotionally.

Sure enough, human beings like to listen to good words.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “You may not know, Sister-in-law.

I used to be ignorant when I was still young.

I thought he was particularly excellent and good-looking.

Moreover, when my other brothers went abroad to study, he was the kindest towards me, so I couldn’t help becoming closer to him.

Unexpectedly, he misunderstood me and thought I liked him…”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “He even thought the reason I praised that woman’s beauty was because I was angry with him.

He said that I was jealous.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Who would like a big stallion like him”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Moreover, what can I be jealous of Now I’m being tutored every day, and my head is so big that I don’t have the heart to fall in love, okay I told him that I’m not jealous, that I think he and that woman are a good match, and I hope they will get married soon too.

But he actually said I was lying, that I was duplicitous, and he even wanted to forcefully kiss me!!!”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “As a result, my Second Brother accidentally saw it wuwuwuwuwu…”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “My Second Brother may have misunderstood our relationship.

He said that I didn’t study hard, and that I even still had the mind to secretly have a crush on someone.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “In all honesty, I really don’t have a crush on him.

Even if I liked my brother and had a bit of possessiveness towards him before, it was also because I was young and ignorant.

After all, I am also only seventeen now.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Say, a big stallion like him would not even let go of a 17-year-old little flower like me.

Although I am not registered in the Shen family’s household right now, I am at least his sister in name!”


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