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Song Jinxi was lost in thought.

Lin Xiaoxiao’s words are full of contempt for the original male lead, which shows that the two of them are completely impossible.

The plot line of this world is already completely messed up.

But the world is still fine now and it seems that there is no chaos at all caused by the separation of the Male Lead and Female Lead… Does it mean that even if the original Male Lead and Lin Xiaoxiao are not together, the world will not collapse

She is not sure.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law, do you want to go out for a big meal this weekend I have pocket money, so I will treat you.”

Song Jinxi: “Let me treat you.

Tell me what you want to eat and I will ask your cousin to book the restaurant.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law, you are so kind!” followed by a kiss emoji.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Sister-in-law, I am going to my make-up lesson first.

My request for foreign aid was accidentally seen by my Second Brother just now.

He knew that I came to you to avoid the tutoring, but he didn’t say anything, which means that this method really works.

I will often look for you in the future.

Will you feel bothered by me”

Song Jinxi: “Of course not.”

Song Jinxi: “I’m not good at communicating with people, and I don’t have many friends either.

When I was busy at work in the past, even when my friends contacted me, I didn’t have time to reply to them.

Over time, no one came to me again.

I will be very happy if you come to find me.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “That’s good then! I will go to my make-up lesson first.

Goodbye, Sister-in-law.”

At lunch, Song Jinxi mentioned this matter to Shen Liuchen, and Shen Liuchen did not refuse.

After lunch, they were having a little rest.

Shen Liuchen accompanies Song Jinxi to take a nap again, but when Song Jinxi gets up, she finds that Shen Liuchen is by her side.

She went to the living room to get some water but Shen Liuchen was not in the living room either.

The door of the study was closed.

Shen Liuchen seems to be very busy today.

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But now that Shen Liuchen is busy, she seems to be able to do something else now…

She is a fan of novels, with a ten-year reading habit, and even a bit of a ‘book addict’.

She hasn’t read a novel for a week and can only play games every day.

It is easy to get tired from playing games for a long time, and her addiction to books will occur by then.

Now that Shen Liuchen is not around, she can secretly read novels for a while.

She searched the Internet first, and was surprised to find that in the world of novels, there was also the Dingding Literature City that she read most often.

Song Jinxi used to read novels in Dingding Literature City.

The server of Dingding Literature City in the real world is not very good, and the boss seems to be a little stingy too.

Even though many readers and authors report that the server is not good, the boss never changes the server.

However, Dingding Literary City is different from other literary websites.

There are a lot of types of novels on the website, and it has everything in it.

Each and every author’s brain hole is bigger than the other.

The original work of the novel world in which Song Jinxi is currently located was written by an author from Dingding Literature City.

This is too coincidental.

There is even Dingding Literature City in the novel world.

She couldn’t help but searched for information about Dingding Literature City on the Internet, and found that the Shen family was actually holding the controlling share of Dingding Literature City.

I also saw a post in the search results.

It seems to be a very spiritual author.

After writing a novel, because the piracy was too rampant, she even retired directly.

The novel she was writing at the time also seemed to be left behind just like that.

But Song Jinxi didn’t take it to heart either.

She downloaded the app of Dingding Literature City.

The app of Dingding Literature City in the novel world is actually much better than that in the real world.

There is no difference between the interface of the two, but the refresh speed is very fast, and there is basically no stuck at all.


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